Sep 15

Fishfingers & Chips For Dinner

Cause I’m in a Doctor Who Mood I  guess.

Actually, it’s been such a nice day (90+f) that I was busy outside (mowing, gardening, and things) as much as possible and didn’t even think of dinner until late. Fish sticks & fries were easy and quick. And I like them. (And I don’t actually “fry” anything. You’d be surprised how things turn out in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.)

Mount Rainier

Actually made a PSK-31 contact earlier today with WA6TS down in Sunnyvale, Ca. Cool! First contact in almost a year. I could not explain why I took a break from PSK-31, and Ham Radio in general, for as long as I did. Just seemed to be busy and never had the time (or inclination). But, now that I have a good computer set up and running well and am able to connect to my radio every time, I’ll probably be on it more. The thing cost $700 so I’d better use it!

Tried setting up a couple of extensions on my blog to allow downloading posts in e-pub/mobi format. The one worked okay as long as I made the post online. Posting from this Windows Live Writer just wouldn’t “activate” the conversion buttons. Ah well. I like composing offline way too much to switch to online. Can take as long as I want to compose a post, change it as many times as I want before publishing, and it’s just plain easier.


Just made my first contact using SSTV on 14.230. Quite by accident I transmitted a picture and Kd0TUU sent me one back with my call on it. Cool! Sent him one back but we lost contact and I don’t know if he got it or not. Left him a contact report on his QRZ long and said “Tha
nks for popping my SSTV virgin bubble!”


Oh yeah, had to get dressed to make a run to the Vape Shop in Bremerton for some new atty’s. Other than that it’s been a Naked Monday. I’m sure going to miss this Wx!

View Near Our House

Oops, had to run into Bremerton to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Her son got caught up at work and didn’t text her he wouldn’t be there until she stepped off the ferry. So, she’s home safe and just relaxing. Cool!

Sep 06

Not A Bad Saturday!

Meaning it went pretty much as usual. Was nice and sunny and hot so I spent as much time as I could outside. Ate way too many blackberries. Watered the garden and picked today’s bounty. Brussels Sprouts are coming along nicely!


Danged guy that was supposed to come over this morning and start the taping & pasting sent me a message @ 0630 that he wouldn’t make it. Still no reply to “Well, when can you make it?” question I shot back. If I have to send another message it’ll be “Never mind. I’ll find somebody that wants to do the job and get paid.”


SWMBO got home from the Genealogy Library about 1530 and took me to Qdoba’s for dinner before we went and spent way too much money at COSTCO.  Got me some “fish fingers” and she got herself a 32 Gig  MicroSD card for her tablet. (Which I’ve already installed and moved things to.)

So, dinner was great mostly because of the company. Walking around COSTCO was pretty cool mostly because of the company. And just riding around was nice because of the company.


My day has pretty much been made! Now for Doctor Who-244-Robot of Sherwood.

Sep 05

Sunny And HOT Friday! NEAT!

Tomorrow Night!

It’s too early right now to even think. 0530 and counting. Wx Lady (MJ) says it’ll be 83 or so in Seattle today. Which means almost 90 here. Nice. Won’t be able to stay “unclothed” the entire day cause I need to make a run to Allyn. Thinking about making a Safeway run for chili makin’s too. But, other than those errands, I’m determined to enjoy the final days of summer.

And the rest of my day went as they usually do. Except SWMBO texted me to pick her up because her son was stuck in traffic in Tacoma. So I did. She had me take her to Jo Ann’s in Port Orchard so I spent some hard earned bucks at the Dollar Store.

And that’s really about it. Didn’t do anything unusual (except put clothes on to go check mail).

Aug 27

Got To See My Doc Today. Oh Joy.

Actually, I pretty much enjoy my visits to the Doc. But it helps to have a Doc that you could like as a friend otherwise.

Echo-Cardiogram: Entirely normal. Entirely too-normal. Doc says I have a great heart, structurally, for an old guy. Everything is where it’s supposed to be and working fine. All the valves are the correct size, have no buildup, and work as they should. No scaring that they can see. He hopes he has a heart like that when he’s my age. (Told him I should be through with this one by that time and he’d be welcome to it.)


Halter: My heart consistently fires as it should. Top-Middle-Bottom every time. However, my heart will jump from 60 beats per minute to 170 beats per minute for no apparent reason. When I’m sleeping. When I’m just sitting around. When I’m pooping. No rhyme or reason. It also goes the other way. When my heart should be beating faster because I’m doing something, it’ll beat at 160 bpm for a minute then suddenly drop to 65. They don’t know why.

He says I MAY have tachio-bradio-cardia. (Which is an actual condition even if I don’t know how to spell it.) Can’t give me a med to slow/speed up my heart because it could make it too slow/fast.


SO, he’s making me an appointment with the actual Cardiologist at the hospital. Says that someday a pace maker may be indicated. Which will mean seeing something called an “EP.” (I know what it is. I just can’t remember what it stands for.)

So, the only question I have that no one seems to be able to answer (so far) is: Why does my heart pause so often for so long?


Anywho, SWMBO’s Son was supposed to pick her up tonight; but he got caught in traffic in Tacoma so I made a mad dash to get her. Had to come home the “back way” because of road work. That was okay cause it’s a much prettier ride.

And that’s it for tonight.