Aug 25

Gonna Be Another Warm Day! Cool!

Started out pretty normal and pretty much stayed that way up until now (1435). Had to get dressed to make a run into town to return movies to Safeway (I still miss Blockbuster) and get gas for the truck. That changed soon as I got home.


Got out and gave the Truck it’s annual washing. Except I think I missed last year so it was really past due. Looks good. Not too many bangs and scratches for a 9 year old truck that just went over 100k miles.

Watered the garden and picked off the ripe cherry tomato’s. Toured the back 40. About to go out and collect some more rocks OR finish painting the deck railing. Haven’t decided which yet. In either case it’s Hot out there and I don’t want to waste it.

Really worked up a sweat collecting rocks this afternoon. Was fun. Neighbors kinda freaked to see a naked fat old guy out in the driveway with a shovel. Luckily they drive by only occasionally! I’m so glad we live out in the country.


Not much else going on. SWMBO is home and has her dinner made. I’ve had my dinner earlier. Was watching “Amazing Spiderman 2” but now into “Planet 51.”  Forgot all about the local Nets tonight.

Having some pain in my Left chest. II ‘m fairly sure it’s from overexerting myself today. No other symptoms (shortness of breath, diaphoresis, or any real fluttering) so I’m just going to take a chill pill and go from there. If it gets any worse I’ll have SWMBO take me to the hospital. Thank Goodness I’m Not on Obamacare!

Aug 24

The “New” Doctor

Was interesting. You expect a newly regenerated Doctor to be a bit Nutso. I want to see what kind of person he turns into. Like his accent (VERY Scottish. Probably a good thing Amy isn’t still around. None of the rest of us would be able to understand the dialog!). Almost cried during the phone scene at the end. (Yeah, I’m a softie. Thought it was really neat for Matt to do that scene.) Other than that: Dinosaurs in London, Organ stealing Droids, A Lizard Lady and her wife, A Centaran, Clara & The Doctor. What’s not to love?!?

2014-08-24 12.34.59

Here’s my bounty from the garden for today; so far. I have produced a butt-ton of green (bell) peppers this year. I have a lot chopped up and frozen for later when we need them for something. And the Cherry Tomato’s are going nuts too. Never planted them before and am surprised at their prolific output. All the Roma’s are getting huge too. Now if they’d only start turning pink…

New Camera Takes Great Video. But It's MOV Format.

SWMBO made dinner tonight and it was her usual excellent meal. We had some of the Brussels Sprouts and, though a bit undercooked for me, were still delicious.

And that’s pretty much our day around here. Moved a lot of rocks around. Mowed some. Pretty much anything I could do to stay outside while I can. SWMBO mowed some and took to trimming that tree at the Electric Meter box. Just enjoyed the Wx and hope the rest of the week is just as nice. Really dreading the onset of Fall/Winter. This has been one of the best Summer’s for Wx we’ve had all year! No Shit!

My Mission Tomorrow. (Should I choose To Accept It.)

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net in a couple of hours. Think I’ll chill and watch something until then.

Net went well, but quick. Only 5 check-ins and everybody was semi-somnambulant from dinner and the heat. Ah well.

Aug 23

Supposed To Be A Nice Day

Well, looks like the last days of summer will be pretty nice.

At our house we always seem to be 5 degrees hotter than the Seattle high, and 5 degrees cooler than the Seattle low throughout the year. But what this means is the Dog and I can just about stay naked for the next week. Always a good thing. Unless you’re my neighbor.

It’s Saturday morning. I’ve already made my social commentary over on Redneck Mormon while SWMBO continues to sleep until the last possible moment before jumping up in a panic to get dressed and go to the Genealogy Library. Her Son took her car to visit his girlfriend (over there somewhere) so she’ll have to use the truck today. No biggie. Me and the Dog where going to pick black berries today anyway. And try to finish painting the deck railing. (Which I started yesterday but didn’t mention because, for some reason, I didn’t post last night.)

Glee Season2 Vol1 Disc1-12_1931-1982e

So, a couple of weeks ago I bought this “Eleaf” vape battery thingie. Cost $80. Got it cause the replacement battery will cost only about $17 instead of the $27 each for the batteries I have. Anyway, it works great. The only thing I don’t like about it  is that the voltage control surrounds the vape button so the voltage wheel moves every time you press the vape button. And it usually changes upwards. But, other than that, it works great.


SWMBO got home with the pizza. 450 degrees for 25 minutes and we were eating. It was good. Then she took me to Lowe’s in Port Orchard where we spent some hard earned money on things we “need.” Which means we got the deck stain protectant stuff we needed plus. But we can’t walk into Lowe’s, Home Depot, or ACE Hardware without spending more then we planned. There’s always something.

Got home after our usual stop at Safeway. Took SWMBO down to the garden where we picked some of the squash and one of the Brussels Sprouts stalks. I’m experimenting with freezing some of the cherry tomato’s cause we just aren’t eating them fast enough. So I’ve frozen about 40 of the things and we’ll see how they are when defrosted. Cross your fingers!


And that’s about it. The rest of the night will be waiting for the latest Doctor Who to be posted and getting that downloaded. (IT IS! I’m Outta Here!)

Aug 11

Nice And Hot Monday!

Day started at 0500 for us cause SWMBO is going to use the earlier Ferry this week to show her potential bosses she can get in at 0800. She is NOT a morning person!

We Should All Be At The Beach Today!

Been out gardening, weeding the front flowerbed. Just being outside. Nice. Made a run to the Post Office but otherwise just been hanging around here trying to do “stuff.” Mainly weeding the flowerbed but also moving rocks and dirt and putting the last two bricks in place along the border. Those last two bricks have been waiting to be put in place almost 4 years. Two bricks. Two. Four years.


My thermometer read over 100 degrees today. It’s in the shade. There is a Hot Wind blowing out there. If a fire were to start over here it would run wild. We’re dry. Very dry. Scary dry. Hope we have some rain with the possible thunder storms we’re supposed to have tonight. Right now rain would be a good thing. A bit anyway.

I Enjoyed This Movie. Was Looking Forward To The 2nd One.

Damn! Robin Williams died today. Damn! I remember him making me laugh an awful lot throughout my life. Too bad he couldn’t overcome his depression.  That’s a battle I know only too well.

Well, SWMBO’s Son is picking her up at the Ferry Landing so I don’t have to make the run into town. Have a couple of feelings about that. Damned strange not to ride and talk with her. But I didn’t have to make the trip into town.