Jul 31

Damn Fine Day! Again! 85+

And I’m just loving it! Spent as much time outside as I could today; gardening and walking and pulling up rocks I want to use later. Having a great time. I really, really, enjoy weather like this.

Flight To The Moon 1951

Just took my blood pressure: 117/71. Not bad. Y’all can scoff if you want, but being outside, naked, in weather like this is therapeutic to the max! I am so solar powered! And long about November 15th I’ll be thinking back on days like we’ve had the past couple of weeks with fondness and longing. Then in Feb I’ll be all for heading south!


Just not much else going on around here. Mosquito’s really came out when it started getting cooler. So I’m going to pick SWMBO up.

Jul 16

Another Totally SSDD Day.

Which I mostly wouldn’t change. Nice and hot and sunny out so we’ve been for a couple of walks. Clothes Free, of course. Got my usual chores done. Started on the basement again. Once I get the basement cleaned up things will go better. Gonna make my “shop” again! Yay!

Like I said though, not much going on around here. Started “shucking” the peas I picked yesterday. Watching “Stephen Hawking’s Science of the Future” when not involved in something else. Just now eating my dinner: teriyaki Chicken & rice tv dinner. I gotta start eating out of the freezer again!

Damn, this blog is boring! I use “Redneck Mormon” to comment on current political crap. “TANSTAAFL” to post stupid shit (that makes me laugh. Or think.) and a little T&A. Was using KF7LTT to post Ham Radio stuff but wasn’t doing much Ham Radio stuff for awhile and it fell into disrepair.

I regularly check Tumblr (usually at bedtime on the Nexus 7), Google+ (on same), and Facebook (on same) (only because I have family there and they won’t join any of the others). I used to Twitter (and I imagine there is still a link posting out there somewhere) but cannot, for the life of me, figure out WHY anyone would want a daily blow-by-blow of my boring life. Or why I’d be so uninvolved in what I was doing that I’d take time to “tweet” it. And, God Forbid I should point the error of their ways out to some Libtard on Twitter!

Then a couple of friends got me on Linkdin/linkedin/something like that but it hasn’t led to a job (which I’m not sure if I want or not). StumbledUpon stumbled and I haven’t even logged in for over 2 years. Then there are the thousand and one “Forums” I’ve had to join over the years to do tech support on a friends computer and couldn’t find/get the damned info without “joining.” Damn them!

Amazon, Ancestry, Craig’s List, EBay, Edward Jones, HideMyAss, HRDLog.net, Lastpass, Netflix, Pinterest, QRZ.com, RelayHealth, USGS Quakes Center, Verizon, Yahoo, Flickr. Hit them at least once a week (if not more). (Although I will admit having a TB of “free” space on Flickr to post my photo’s is kind of cool.)

Then there’s my “online” storage at Dropbox, Google+, and two Outlook accounts.

Online banking; both personal and for the radio club. Six E-mail accounts (which I’m trying to combine into two). The MCARC website. And then there’s my KF7LTT stuff I do on G+.

For an old guy (62) (who’s also fat, subject to Senior Moments frequently, and usually naked in nice wx) I sure am connected. Probably too connected.

And I still find time to spend with my lovely young bride of almost 30 years. Will pretty much drop everything to spend that time with her. I listen to her even when I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. And she puts up with my BS.

And she’s home.

Jul 15

Almost A “Normal” Day. Again.

Took SWMBO to her Doctor’s appointment at the Naval Hospital this morning. She had to be there by 0800, so we left the house about 0715. I just sat in the car (sometimes watching “Thor” on my Nexus 7). Was nice out there. Seemed to take a long time for her to get finished though. Maybe because I was waiting…


Dropped her off at the Ferry Landing about 1030 and headed home. Checked the mail on the way in. Haven’t been doing much beyond my “usual” chores. Did pick another large pot of peas. Watered the garden. Went for a couple of walks. Sprayed weed killer on both the driveways. Listened in on the radio to my friend down Vista way.

Lucille Ball

Pretty much SSDD.

And then I sawed a tennis ball in half for SWMBO.

You don’t want to go there.

fsx 2014-05-22 20-44-02-07

No. Really. You don’t want to go there.

May 14

My Goodness! 85 Degrees!

I’m loving it! Didn’t get to lay out as much today as yesterday and the day before. Too busy.


Decided to get off my lazy old ass and get the MILA as done as I can today. So I got down there and finished off the taping, wiped the walls down, let them dry for an hour then spray painted the bathroom and bedrooms. And the little hall between them. Ran out of paint just as I was spraying the very last 6 square inches of the small bedroom  wall. Got it though.


So, tomorrow I get to go back down there and rip out all the paper and painter’s tape, sweep, swab, and put the toilet back in and it’ll be done! Too cool! Looks good down there even with the mess…

Left the house early (1805 hrs.), let SWMBO’s card buy me a number 2 at Mickie D’s and made it to the Vape Shop by their closing (1900 hrs.) where I spent $40 on “stuff/”.” Then it was on to the Ferry Landing where I waited about an hour for SWMBO to get in.


And we’re home now. She had the tour of the MILA and seems appreciative. It’s time to settle in for the night.