Jun 13

Lazy Old Fart Forgets Blog. World Cheers.

Where have I been? What the Hell have I been doing? I don’t know. Seems I’ve been busy though. Too busy to post apparently. Only two days, but, still!


Yesterday? Seems yesterday was a butt-ton cooler than it has been. Spent most of the day inside working on “stuff.” Still straightening up .epub files. Still working on my scans. That kind of stuff. I just know the cooler weather came on because I hung my coat up in the closet for the summer. Which means it had to get cold again.

Had the MCARC monthly meeting this morning in Shelton; where the meeting usually is. Was cold this morning too. Meeting went well though. They’re still getting used to me keeping them on track until a decision is made. Even if that decision is to make the decision later. Which I try to not let them get away with. Got a compliment from a “New” Old Guy for the way I conduct the meeting. Cool!


Warmed up today so I laid out waiting for SWMBO to get home from the Genealogy Library. Today she took me to Home Depot to look at pipe (and anything else we felt like looking at. We could (and have) spent a lot of money at Home Depot!). To eat at Qdoba’s (which was okay, I guess). To COSTCO where we got bulk things we “need.” (You know how that one goes.) And our usual stop at Safeway.

Bought X-Plane 10 through Steam last night for half what it would cost to just buy through x-plane.com. Totaled out at 16 Gig to download; which took almost 24 hours. Wow! Played it for the last hour or so. I like it. I can’t really see any difference between X-Plan 9 and 10, but I’m sure something is there that makes it “better.” I crashed while landing every time! Going too slow and losing control.


Anywho, that’s about it from around here. SWMBO surprised me by suggesting a picnic on Mt. Rainier tomorrow so we’re going to do that. Any time I get to spend with her is great time; but to get to spend time with her in the outdoors is doubly so!

Jun 11

If I Were A Rich Man. Yada Yada Yada Yada Yaaaaaaaaa.

Try getting that out of your head over the next several hours! Not much going on around here. Pretty SSDD day. Mostly sunny starting around noon. Warm. Nice. But I haven’t left myself a whole lot to do outside. Didn’t stop me from hanging outside as much as possible; but I was pretty lazy doing it. Hey, I’m retired.

I Used To Be Skinny, In Shape, And Young!

Did go through the freezer in the pantry to find something for dinner. Trying to eat out of the freezer a bit more cause things still do go bad in them; just at a much slower pace. Anywho, found a crab a friend gave me a few months ago, and, walla, dinner. That and a couple of ears of corn I got last Saturday went down just fine. Messily, but fine. (Need to take a shower after that dinner. Crab everywhere!)

And, yes, I know it should be “voilà.” (With the little accent thingie over the a.)

And that was pretty much my day. Kinda slow. Kinda boring. Once I cut a hole in the cabinet in the Caravan and installed the new plug & faceplate, my day was pretty much done. Aside from all my “usual” chores, that is. Even watered the garden.


Working on my “electronic” library. All the .epub files I have. Trying to straighten them up (internally) and import them into Calibre. Only several thousand to go! So I’m starting with my favorite Authors and working through their books I have.

And it turns out I’m missing four “Odd Thomas” books that I didn’t even know had been written!

May 21

Sunny And Hot. I Could Get Used To This!

So you know where I was most of the day. Yep. Outside doing “Stuff.” It’s amazing the amount of “Stuff” I get done outside when it’s nice like today. Truly amazing. After my trip to the Post Office I’ve pretty much stayed home.

In between doing “Stuff” outside, I tried installing Ubuntu Studio (latest version) to replace the Linux Mint (whatever version) I had. It installed and ran great. Even ran all 3 of my monitors. And, as long as I didn’t mind having all 3 monitor’s showing exactly the same damned thing, it worked fine. Drove me crazy though.


So I used whatever their utility is to set up the monitors. When I exited the utility, my monitors went blank, then showed just white, and when I clicked anything it came up with a log-in window that wouldn’t let me log in. Continued to do this even after rebooting. Sucks!

And I couldn’t boot back into Windows 7 either. Wouldn’t even give me the choice. After an hour or so I booted with my Windows 7 disc and went into repair. Then a command prompt, then typed bootrec.exe /fixmbr. That worked. For booting into Windows anyway.


So I reinstalled Linux Mint Cinnamon. Rebooted and ran sudo update-grub and got my OS Selection menu back. Ran some commands that were supposed to download and install the latest NVidia drivers; and it seemed to work. But now Mint goes into a mode I’ve never seen before. Very basic menu and absolutely no way to quit or reboot without just turning the computer off. And still only the one monitor.

Tried going into the driver manager thing: made a change from x-server driver to the NVidia driver and it just locked up for about 10 minutes. Had to hit cancel on that one. May try again.


But I got something to do now. (Get it to work right!) Ought to be fun. If I’m going to switch over to Linux full time I gotta learn how to fix things that go wrong or don’t work right. Thank goodness for the Internet!

Now SWMBO is home and I’ve been copying some epub files to her Nook. About to hit the rack and read a bit. (Good thing I married a Reader!)

May 03

I Have Really Only Two Things To Remember

The first is: If SWMBO is happy. I’m happy. Or at least not suffering her wrath.

Thinking of buying one of those $20 SDR’s to play with. Maybe something to show the folks at the next (or next next) meeting. Liven things up a little bit. Open some minds.

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net had 10 check-ins tonight. Cool!

Worked outside all day. Nice out there! Putting in the new fence for the animals. SWMBO wants to give them  more room so I’m going to get to make another run to Home Depot tomorrow. Oh, Joy.

Other than that, just sat out in the sun and chilled most of the day. Didn’t really chill though as it was pretty warm. I like that! The warmer the better.

Kind of disjointed here tonight. Must be my age catching up with me. Or I’ve finally bored myself to tears.

Oh, I forgot what that other thing I had to remember was. Dang!