Apr 19

Sunday? Again? Already?

Had a lot of problem getting to sleep last night. Just could not find a comfortable position. It was either really late, or really early, before I finally dropped off to sleep. And I woke up at my “usual” time (0515) and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I’ve been feeling kind of tired all day.

2015-04-19 14.06.45

SWMBO took me to the waterfront in Port Orchard after she got home from Church, to pick up some fabric from a Ferry Buddy of hers. Didn’t get enough fabric to make it worth the trip; but did get to walk along the waterfront and look at all the boats. Nice out today. Really nice.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Eight check-ins. Lost a couple of the handheld radio’s when they moved the wrong direction, but mostly they came back. Nice to get everyone together on our Nets.

2015-04-19 14.19.21

And that’s pretty much it for today. Boring, I know. Not everyone can lead the International Jet Setter life. Some of us has to do the stay at home every day BS stuff so the rest of the world can enjoy themselves!

Apr 09

Mostly A Sunny And Warm Day!

I mean it was a work/sit outside naked kind of day around here. Nice! So I spent as much time outside as I could. Finally got started on the garden. What little garden I’m going to have this year. Started putting up that pool I got from my friend (cause I’m hoping we’ll need/use it this Summer). Even mowed most of the Pet Yard. (Animal Poop Slinging Everywhere!)


Got all the MCARC Club Finances done for the meeting this Saturday. Had to connect to the Scan Computer printer again. Gave me a bit of problem until I found the right driver and installed it. This is the last time I’ll have to do the Treasurer thing though. They voted me Prez and AA7JK Treasurer. Cool.


Not much else going on. Sitting for awhile out in the warm sun today was the highlight. Time has about arrived for me to hit the rack. (Which means do my final check of Tumblr for the evening!)

Mar 26

Out Of The Blue. 70 Degrees

Or damned close. Today was the first “Get Naked And Get Things Done Outside Day” of 2015. Nice! Gotta admit that I didn’t get much actually done; but I did get to just sit out in the sun for awhile. Nice!


And I did get the Tent Trailer set up so I can put all the stuff back in that we took out when we thought we’d be using (or buying) it. Heavy microwave and buckets of “stuff” that I really didn’t think we’d need “camping” out. Some of it would have come in handy though; just heavy to haul around.


Not much else going on around here. All the usual chores. Renter came up and talked for awhile. Kinda Sorta watching “Walking With Dinosaurs, The Movie.” (Which has great “effects” but the dialog is stupid. Really was made for kids.)


Finally went to the NMARES meeting at the local QFC. Not bad. Mostly the same guys talking mostly about what they usually talk about. Did get a couple of offers to help me install my radio in my truck. That’s nice.

And that’s about it. Just nothing going on. I lead a very boring life. Sedentary. Laid back. Relaxed.

Sep 21

Nada Lot Going On. Boring For You! :)

Yep. Another SSDD Sunday in the makings. Did get to sit out on the front steps and eat my cereal in the warm sunshine. Nice. Today looks like the last nice day this week and it should get upwards of 80 degrees. We’ll see.


I just did not do much today except try to be outside. It’s probably the last day of nice weather around here until next summer. Looks like the probability of rain starting tomorrow night and going for a week. While we really need the rain, it sucks! I’d rather be outside, naked, in the heat and sun! Maybe I ought to move to Florida, but I’m only 62 and it’s not mandatory for another 3 years!


Spent some time talking with SWMBO about “things I’d change around the house” if I were in charge. Meaning, adding walls, removing walls, adding storage. Things like that. May have a couple of new ‘winter projects” around here. Cool!


Also talked a bit about the Thrive stuff; since we had chicken pot pies for dinner made from the ingredients she bought last time. It was good. Now we’re trying to figure out how to get started, what to buy, so we don’t have to try to just jump in and completely change over to Thrive without trying a bunch of different things beforehand. I need to know what it’ll replace from Safeway.

It was pretty dark out.

Tried playing with the camera tonight to see if I could set it to capture the Milky Way. Nope. It will pick up some of the brightest stars, and a lot of “artifacts.” I need to save up and buy myself a really good camera. And get one for my telescope. And win the lotto. (Soon!)

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Chat Net went well. Not many check-ins (probably because this is the last day of great weather) but interesting “gossip” none the less.