Dec 23

Nice Day Trip With SWMBO

We got up and was out of the house by 0900 yesterday for a trip to Leavenworth, WA. Should have taken about 3 hours but I got turned around so it took 3.5 hours. AND, we got within  miles and got slowed down by a 4 mile backup!

When we finally got ito Leavenworth there was NO parking. I’d hazard a guess that there were 100 cars looking for every possible empty parking spot. Of which there were none. After about half an hour of driving around looking I just gave up and we started back.

2018-12-22 15.59.16

Stopped at a Fruit Stand & Quilt Store just south of Leavenworth. SWMBO got some stuff at the quilt store and I got a 5-leter box of some of the best Apple Cider I’ve ever tasted. Well worth the $20! Also got some huckleberry honey that tastes really good.

Then, after a long and convoluted drive to Ellensburg, we stopped for dinner. Stopped at another Quilt Store in “downtown” Ellensburg for awhile then headed home.

2018-12-22 16.02.27

Made our usual Saturday stop at  Walmart (where we spent WAY too much) and made it home about 2100.

I had a great time being out with my Schweetie and getting to see “new” scenery and just being together. She’s the best.

Otherwise, it’s just a lot of freakin’ fain around here!

Aug 22

One Of The Coolest Things I’ve Ever Seen

Tried getting some sleep sunday evening, but managed only about 1.5 hours, so I could get up at 0000, SSS, and leave for Oregon at 0100. Pretty much worked out. Except for the sleep part.

My Renter & his son joined me for the trip to see the Eclipse 2017. Really only ran into a bit of traffic the last 58 miles or so; from the Oregon border to where we stopped by the John Day River somewhere way south of Condon, Or. Got there around 0830 (I think) so had plenty of time to watch the whole thing.

I’ve tried 3 times now to describe the eclipse, and can’t. I really only can add it to the (short) list of really outstandingly wonderful neat things I’ve seen in my life. Tried to catch it in video but that really doesn’t do justive to it. Nice, for sure, but really doesn’t describe actually looking at a big black hole in the sky where the Sun was a moment ago. How dark it got all around us.

Wow! Just Fuckin’ Wow! Worth the drive. Worth 2 of those drives. Worth even not having any (I mean Any) cell signal. Even Onstar was offline.)

Ride home was okay until we hit I-5 North. Spent longer there than the trip from Oregon to I-5. At one point we sat still for over 20 minutes. It sucked! But it was, of course, everyone else that had driven to Oregon to watch the Eclipse. But, if they’d just learn how to MERGE traffic wouldn’t be nearly as crappy as it was.


But, finally got home around 1900. Was so tired that I was in bed by 2030 and I don’t remember a thing until 0500 this morning. Unusual for me to sleep through the night. Nice though.

Had a great trip. Appreciate my Renter and his son coming along (hope I wasn’t too boring for them.) He even got to drive my truck (but I promised not to tell his girlfriend.) For me, the only thing that would have made it way better was if SWMBO could have come along. (She had to work though.)

Today has really been kind of a lazy summer day. Really nice outside. Naked day! Gardening and stuff. Will still fall asleep if I sit in one place too long. Guess I haven’t “caught up” yet.

Me and the Dog found one of the big blue jay’s torn to pieces out on the trail. Wonder what got to it. Big bird though. At least, he was once. Nature.

Well, my Schweetie is home and fed and we’ve made the Garden tour. Think I’ll go lay down. Turns out I didn’t use my c-pap last night. Hmmm…

Feb 12

Went For A Ride Today. Nice!

Just stayed on the peninsula. HAD to get out of the house for a bit and the Wx was cooperative. Almost got warm! (Never thought I’d live someplace where I thought 50 degrees was almost warm.) And having my Schweetie along was icing on the cake.

2017-02-12 11.47.18_stitch2017-02-12 11.47.23_stitch2017-02-12 11.47.542017-02-12 12.07.24_stitch2017-02-12 12.07.392017-02-12 12.08.532017-02-12 12.09.462017-02-12 12.14.07

And SWMBO got up and made us breakfast this morning! I was flabbergasted! Flabbergasted, I tell you! So, I repaid her (kindness? Initiative?) by making that turkey loaf thingie we bought a couple of weeks ago for dinner. Instead of cooking it in the little pan it came in, I popped it out and into the crock pot along with the taters. Let it simmer for about 5 hours. It was good! Done just right. Added some lima beans and dinner was tasty.

Tried hooking some orange nylon line I have to my drone to run it up over a tree so I can restring my longwire antenna. Drone would get up about 40 feet before the string just got too heavy for it. Hard to control. Almost lost it into a tree. Think I’ll try fishing line tomorrow. IF the Wx holds out. And if that doesn’t work I do have the tennis ball gun.

The MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Most everyone could be heard. I got complimented for trying to use my drone to run antanna line.

Sep 06

Nice Day Trip To Tillamook With SWMBO

But, oh man, am I ever tired today.

We got up early and took off. Here to Shelton, to Olympia, to Portland (with a stop for breakfast about half way down), to Astoria (the back way), to Tillamook to the Air Museum where I donated my flight helmets from “way back when,” back to Astoria (and a dinner stop at a Chinese place), Across the bridge back into WaRshintion (where it really did immediately start to rain), to Montesano, to Olympia, to Shelton, to Home. 15 Hours. I was one tired Old Guy last night. (And I’m not even going to mention the crappy assed drivers that don’t know how to pick a speed or that play the “game.”)

2016-09-04 20.33.22

Still kind of paying the price today. I am just dragged out. Barely managed to finish my usual chores. Feel really sleepy. This does not bode well for our coming trip to Tenn and Ohio.


I’ve had these helmets since forever. They’ve just been sitting on the tops of our book cases gathering dust and I just knew that, after I die, they’d wind up in the garbage or at some thrift shop somewhere; and I didn’t really want that. Not that it’d really matter to me after I die. But then I thought that I’d just donate them to the Air Museum and, maybe, people could look at them for another 100 years and enjoy.

Vamp03aThat wasn’t bad at all. Decided to have “fish and chips” for dinner. Kind of tired of the ways I usually fix fish though. So I spread Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce on the fish and pan fried it. Not bad at all. Of course, I used the fry baby thing for the fries and they were as good as usual. Something about using real lard …

I got to pick SWMBO up at the QFC tonight. She wanted to go to MacDonald’s to get something to eat. So we went to MacDonald’s. I had a medium vanilla shake and half her fries.

Anywho, that’s it. I’m still tired and feel like warmed over puke so I’m gonna go lay down.