Mar 16

Damn! What A Nice Day!

Didn’t start out that way. Kind of cloudy. But by the time I got to the property the sun was shining and it almost felt warm. Nice!
Damned near killed myself at the property. I need to dig a trench down this one path that’s really kind of steep for my dozer with that heavy-asses backhoe on it. So, I’m going down backwards and the dozer is really tipping backwards and I’m like riding the brake, when my left tread slips down into the septic test hole. Damn, Damn and Damn! Luckily I knew how to use the backhoe to lift the dozer out of that hole! Lucky I had the backhoe attached! By the time I got down to where I need to start the trench that dozer was just leaning too far backwards for me to feel safe working. So I crawled up that hill (powering past the septic hole!), unhooked the backhoe and went back down it smoothing and widening things out. Think I’ll have to hire Bob the Dirt Guy to come out and dig that trench.
Called the Electric people and they’re gonig to resubmit their numbers for how much electricity will cost. Accepted an offer for the Special Inspectors at two-thirds what the first company wanted. Left a message with the Septic guy to see if he’s still interested. Moved some of my son’s stuff from the storage shed to the wood shed (we’ve had his stuff for a year and we were only supposed to have it two weeks!) and moved some of my junk from the back room to the storage shed. Then moved Obnoxious Chair (that’s it’s name!) to the hole I made by moving that other stuff out. Now Kathy’s got room to quilt! (There is a plan to my madness!)
My dd-951 site seems to be really taking off! Cool! I’ve got a dozen people that have signed into the guestbook and several that I’m exchanging e-mail with. I’ve heard from a couple of guys that were on the TJ while I was. Cool! Guess I’ll have to get off my butt and add the rest of the pictures.
Been lazy this evening just sitting around watching tv. Downloading Smallville, Dresden & Dirty Jobs.

Jan 26

Put The New Hydraulic Hose On Today…

Took the new hydraulic hose out and spent about 20 minutes running it where the old one was. Then took 5 minutes to take it back out because I had put it in wrong end first. Then another 20 minutes putting it back. Screwing the one end of the hose in was a bear but it mostly went in easily. Then the next hour was spent putting the dozer back together. Phew. But I did get to push dirt today and pushed a lot. The dome hole is starting to look like a hole again! Cool!

Jan 24

Dozer Problems. Again!

I have a rather nasty leak in one of my hydraulic hoses (can’t tilt the blade left) that I should have fixed; but decided that I was going to hook up the backhoe and use it today. So I did that. Moved a LOT of dirt away from the sides in the dome hole and tried to widen the road leading to the dome hole. Then I moved it all around with the blade (remembering NOT to tilt the blade). Got quite a bit of work done. Started trying to take the hose off when I was tired of moving dirt for the day. I wish JD had made a dozer with something easy to repair/replace without taking half the damned dozer apart! Can’t get the ’step’ thingie off to have access to the hose and it got dark before I was finished. So I’ll have to do that tomorrow. Then I’ll have to run to Tacoma for a new hose. Then back to the property to put it on. Looks like my day is planned tomorrow.