Jan 28

You Got It! Another Day Moving Dirt!

But I am getting a lot of dirt pushed around and out of the “Dome Hole”. Put some pictures up at my webshots site. I really do think I’m about as deep as I’m going to be able to go. Mostly because I have no place to put the dirt I move. And I’m getting kind of tired of moving it. I have so much more to move too…

Jan 27

Pretty normal day for me…

Yep, out at the property moving dirt again. That’s what I do on days it doesn’t actually rain. Got a LOT moved today. I think I’m about as far down as I’m going to go in the dome hole. Now the opening to the dome hole is full of dirt that I get to push downhill. Ought to have plenty of dirt for the bottom of the road!
Damn nice day out. Well, it could have been 20 degrees warmer; but it wasn’t raining or snowing! That’s always a plus up here!

Jan 23

That’ll Teach Me!

Tried changing a couple of things in the style sheet and completely messed it all up. Have no idea what the heck I did. So I had to completely reinstall this blog. Here we go again….
So, decided that I like this simple theme the best of those I downloaded and installed. I’m even learning to change the colors in the style sheet! Cool!