Apr 24

Some People Binge Watch TV

chl4aI binge read. Whole series. Which I’ve been doing since I downloaded and read Destroyer #1. A month later I’m up to #17. At $2.99 each. Yeah, I have the first 117 (or so) in the original paperbacks I started buying way back in 1972, but, I’m pretty much switching over to electronic books so I’ve been re-buying them. Guess I don’t love books as much as I love the printed word.

Don’t remember if I’ve been busy or not the past couple of days. Been outside raking rocks and stuff when I can. Hell, been outside when I can.

Yesterday, SWMBO took me to Arby’s for dinner yesterday. Made a stop at Home Depot (looking for a picnic table) and wound up buying a belt sander. Quick stop at COSTCO (looking at a new chair and found an affordable picnic table) and picked up some “stuff.” Our usual stop at Safeway on the way home.


The new BTech radio is working well. Got the new 50 ft of coax cable in yesterday so sometime soon I’ll be moving my antenna. Maybe that’ll get me better signals. Maybe not. All I can do is try and see. (Or hear, as it were.)

walk3cToday I made pot roast & taters & veggies for dinner to give my lovely-young bride (of almost 30 years) a break from cooking Sunday Supper. Meat turned out tougher than I expected but tasted good. Cooked the taters whole in the same pot (at the same time) and those tasted great!

Other than that: Not a thing going on. MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well with about 8 check-ins. That’s good. Even my signal went out okay tonight! Will wonders never cease?!

Anywho, that’s it. Even I’m tired of boring y’all tonight. (But don’t expect that to last too long!)

Apr 21

Chuck Norris Doesn’t Like That!

LWM1bIt’s only 0830 and I’m about to get my day started. Sometimes, being “retired” is cool. Sometimes. Like being able to just be lazy for awhile early in the mornings if I want to. Really I don’t do that very often though. It’d make me really lazy.

So, Bacon, 2 eggs (over easy), hash browns, & a toasted bagel for breakfast. Sunny D to wash it all down. Dogs licking the plate now. (Lucky Dog!)

Programmed 11 repeaters into the new radio. Took half an hour! Think I’m gonna have to get the programming cable. And I got return signals from only 9; so far. But a couple of those were 220 repeaters. Cool! Will try to finish up programming repeaters then see just how many air/fire/sheriff/amb frequencies will go in.


Made a dump run. Raked up some more rocks and put a load in the “rock garden.” Laid out awhile (nice out there!). A bit windy but it feels good. Taking the easy way out for dinner: fish sticks and bakes. One pan meal there.


Not a whole lot going on. My friend in Pa called and talked my ear off for about an hour. Was standing outside but had to come in and get dressed cause it’s getting a bit cool. (Weather cool. Not Fonzie cool.) Think I got him interested in HamWan and (maybe) MeshNet. Hey, he got his ticket because I got him interested in Ham Radio.

Anywho, that’s about it from around here for the day. Probably bored y’all to tears. But, hey, this is the Average Retired American Life I’m living here.

SWMBO should be home any minute.

Apr 20

Yesterday And Today

ob05bNice. Really nice. At 1500 yesterday it was 97 degrees here. Really nice. If I hadn’t spent half the day waiting for them to pick up the digger I rented, it would have been nicer. Still nice though. The afternoon was shot, you guessed it, by me just being outside enjoying the heat.

And today hasn’t been much “better.” Made the rounds of the local “junk” stores when I made the mail run. Just wanted to be out of the house for awhile. Didn’t find anything worth buying eiter. Ah well.

Been outside (of course) trying to figure how I want to attach this new (really short but works) 144/440 antenna to the Caravan. Think I’m going to super-glue the bracket I made to the speaker housing on the end of the awning. Then I’ll just have to figure how I’m going to secure the coax when in motion. Other than that, it should work just fine and I’ll add 2-meter/440 to my capabilities without having to climb into the truck. I’m so cool!


Well, the JT-6188 is in the truck and all hooked up and it seems to be working fine. Brought the IC-208H into the house and it will replace the IC-2000. (Although I’m not sure why; since I have that new BTech hooked up and running. Maybe I’ll reprogram it for just fire/sheriff/air/amb and use it as a “scanner.” Still, could be a “backup” radio.)

ob07cNot a whole Hell of a lot going on. Too hot for most folks around here. You should hear the bitching about “how hot it is” on the radio!

Tumblr sent an e-mail asking me to answer 8 questions. Sure. Why not? Clicked on the link, went to the page, answered the first question (you are 55-64. Yep.) and it told me to close my browser window. Guess they don’t want to hear from us Old Guys!

Anywho, 900 MHz Net went well. Could mostly hear everyone. MCARC 2-meer Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. New BTech radio worked well. Reception was still buzzy but I really think that’s the antenna. Gotta get it higher!

Apr 18

Sunny, Hot, Busy Day. Yay!

Digger showed up about 0830 (or so) and I’ve been on it all day. Got a lot done!

2016-04-18 15.42.46a2016-04-18 15.42.59a2016-04-18 15.43.21a

Driveway (did both upper & lower), New garden area behind the house, and the place dug out where SWMBO wants to put a rock/brick wall. Also made my new “road” so I can pull the Caravan around the house easily. (Which was why I had to move my garden in the first place.) Took most of the day to get just this done. (Also filled a couple of sink holes and worked on our main road some to get some of the bumps and holes out of it. Neighbors should be a bit happier for it.)

2016-04-18 12.47.58

The new BTech Mini UV-2501+220 came in (along with most of the rest of the “stuff” I ordered a couple of days ago). UPS got lazy and didn’t even try to deliver it (I would have seen the truck! I was doing the driveway) so I had to make a run to the Post Office to pick it up. Got it out of the box but not hooked up yet. Yet.

That GREAT Chiliburger I had at Sisters Restaurant last Saturday

Anywho, it’s almost 1800 and I’m pretty much done with the digger. Did all I’d planned and a couple of “extra” things I hadn’t. Was it worth the $300 to rent this thing for a day? Probably. And it didn’t come out of our pocket/budget. (Thank’s to the Renters!) None of what I did ended up “perfect,” but, pretty near. Now to rent a cement mixer and buy some cement and get my new planter beds started. And SWMBO’s wall, of course. (And I got a new butt-ton of rocks to pick up.)

Think I’ll go play with my new Raspberry PI 3 for awhile before going to bed.