Jun 12

Well, Ain’t That Just Peachy!

elysa1aLast Thursday was my (early) appointment with my Doc. He (and my Lovely-Young Bride of almost 30 years) thinks I have “intermittent claudication” in my right leg. And my blood pressure was kind of high. Oh, Joy. So he changed some of my meds and is setting me up for a consult to a local testing facility. Could require surgery to open things up. (Can you say Stent?)

Friday, the light-of-my-life had the day off for her own Dental & Doctor’s appointments; but I had a headache so bad I was totally useless all damned day. Weather change, again. Back to cool and sometimes wet.

Saturday, yesterday, started out with the MCARC monthly meeting in Shelton. It went well. Nice ride there and back too.

How The West Was Won

When SWMBO got home from the genealogy library, she took me to “Famous Dave’s” for ribs and burnt ends. On the way home we stopped by “Cash-N-Carry” and picked up a big slab of pork to cut pork chops from, a 25 lb chunk of beef to make hamburger from, and a bunch of other stuff that we need. And our usual stop at Safeway.

So, today, I’m probably going to grind meat most of the day. Want to make another batch of my home-made chili for the coming year. Good thing I like canning! (Mostly.)

Rio Bravo

Just read about the terrorist attack in Orlando. Fuck Muslims. We need to take the entire Cult out all over the world. Then we need to take out the Left Media. Anyone who supports Islam should be dealt with. Harshly.

Spent the better part of the afternoon slicing up beef. SWMBO helped me by running it through the grinder. Now have 14 (or so) packages of brand new hamburger starting the freezing process. Love those sucker-bag thingies!

The Island

And I started the meat for my batch of chili. And made spaghetti for dinner. Finishing up the laundry. Still gotta remake the bed but that don’t take long.

Been having old John Wayne Westerns running in the background. Cool!

Cut a pork loin into 16 of the purtiest (and one ugly fucker) pork chops you ever saw. They’re freezing now too.


MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went pretty good. Good signals all around.

I’m going to bed.

Jun 08

Cloudy And Way Cooler Today. Suxs!

Bolero02aBolero02vBut y’all know that I like the hotter weather. I really should live in Yuma or Gila Bend. Or even the Mojavie Desert. (Except that is a bit too hot even for me.) Still, I do like the green around here; except when it gets so dry a fire could spread like, well, wild fire. And the trees are too damned tall! I like open sky.

Got out and made another raised bed. Since that bag of cement mix broke yesterday, I just moved it all into the hole I created in the middle of the raised bed, added another bag, and wet it down pretty good. It’ll harden and may work to keep the moles out. It may not. Don’t really care. I’m tired of building the things. (Only 2 more to go!)

I saw this headline: “Study: Larger Wine Glasses Leads To More Drinking” and two thoughts came to mind: 1) Duh! 2) How much did we pay so someone could “study” the obvious? (And a companion piece was “Larger Baby Bottles Making Fat Babies.”) I’m getting to where I can’t watch or read the “News” anymore.


Wow. Power flickered and my computer(s) shut down. Shit. It had been sprinkling a bit earlier but didn’t seem to be bad enough to flicker the power. Even looking at the real-time lightning map doesn’t show anything nearby. Hmmm … Wind does kind of kick up some. (Heard some distant booms too; kind of like artillery used to sound at Camp Pendleton.)

MCARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Chat Net tonight. Went well except reception was in and out with the wind. After, a couple of the guys helped me test the new antenna placement. Got pretty good signal reports on 28.450 USB from some; couldn’t hear others. Still.

And that’s about it. A friend is coming over to visit for a few and by the time he leaves it’ll be past bedtime. I’m already tired from building raised-beds today. SWMBO should be home shortly too. Yay!

Jun 07

Still Another Nice Hot Day!

bad6aSo, what did I do? Got outside, of course! Mixed 6 bags of cement mix (2 at a time) for three of the raised bed’s. It got pretty warm and I was dripping sweat by the time I said “To Heck With This!” (Which is not the actual quote.) Still, nice to have three of them done and hardening. About time to order that special dirt SWMBO likes to get to grow things in. Maybe I’ll put some pants on and go get some mater plants? And I should get started on the Peas.

Bolero09bInstead, I mowed the front-lower & back yards. Really need to get out there with the whack-weeder. That (whateverthehellkindoftreeitis) is trying to take over the front-lower yard. Wouldn’t mind as I really do like that kind of tree, but, it wants the yard where our drain field is. Can’t have that. Don’t want the poop backing up into the house cause all the pipes are plugged up. If the drain field had been downhill instead of up (fuck you Mason County) then it wouldn’t be a problem. But Mason County is hooked on power. (Both kinds: power poop management & Power over the people.) So we have to pump our poop uphill. Last time we replaced the pump it cost over $1k.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on here. Cascadia Rising is going on the radio and there’s a lot of interesting traffic. Haven’t heard anything on HF but the 2-meter/440 is fairly active. Just waiting for the Military to invade my neighborhood …

2016-05-29 13.09.33

Well, it figures. Was looking forward to seeing (hearing?) how my long-wire dipole worked on the 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net, but, SWMBO sent a message that I’ll have to pick her up at the Ferry Landing @ 1945. Right in the middle of the Net. I enjoy picking her up, but, wanted to test the antenna locally. Ah, well. There’s always next week. Or I can ask someone to get on tomorrow night or sometime.

Well, we be home. Always nice seeing her trudge up the hill to wherever I’m parked! She’s in BDing the Dog for getting into her trash basket again. Looks like no cookie tonight. Bummer.

Jun 06

Mostly Busy HOT Day! 90+ Again.

Walk03bMy Lovely-Young-Bride of almost 30 years (this December 20th!) didn’t have to go to work today. She stayed home to take the Dog to his appointment. But the damned alarms still went off this morning; so I’ve been up since 0515. Yay.

Made a trip to Home Depot to check on that smallish digger they have for rent. It was there, but you can’t sign up for a particular time, and I wasn’t ready to take it today, so I got some other stuff I needed. 12 80-lb bags of cement mix and 15 cinder-blocks. Luckily, one of their guys helped me load it.

But I had to unload it myself! Phew! So I spent the afternoon assembling raised-bed garden beds. Got 3 done and have only 2 to go. Had to rebuild the forms for the larger blocks but that took only about half an hour. My garden is starting to come together!


SWMBO brought Taco Bell home when she came back from the Dog’s appointment. One of his ears is clear but the other is still infected. Damn!

After dinner I got SWMBO out to help me reposition my long wire dipole. I shot the ball over the tree and she watched where it landed. Then she held the heavy duty string while I pulled it over the tree. It all worked out.

So, now my long-wire dipole is about 25 feet  higher. Cool! We’ll see tomorrow night if it makes any difference on the MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net.


For some reason, my head is trying to pound. Think I’ll go take a warm shower and go lay down and read. It’s almost bedtime anyway.