Jun 01

Nice Outside Again. I Could Get Used To This!

Groucho02bNice couple of days, Wx wise. So nice yesterday I got out and mowed my neighbors yard. That’s the neighbor I like; not those I don’t like. He’s been gone for over a year, and I think he has someone that comes by to check his place and mow every so often, but they haven’t been around in awhile. Place was looking not lived in. It’s what you do to help neighbors. (Those that you like anyway. But not the neighbors-from-Hell out back.)


Did a bunch of other “stuff” too; just can’t remember what.

Today, I moved the caravan and took the whack-weeder to all the stuff that was growing up underneath it. That took awhile since it’s been awhile. Tried to start the rider-mower but the battery was/is dead. Think I forgot to turn it all the way off yesterday. My bad. I’m old. Good thing I have a 6-volt battery charger. (Which didn’t work, btw. Need to get my other charger back from out Renter.)


Started putting together another raised bed planter. Need one more cinder block in the size I’m using now to finish a 3rd. The rest will be built out of the stack of larger cinder blocks I have. Which means I’ll have to rebuild the forms. Which means I need some more 3” x 8’ boards to make new ends. Damn.

Took the Dog for a tour of the back 40. Nice out there. I really do enjoy us taking all our clothes off and going for a walk! I’ve never liked clothes though.


Anywho, the MCARC Wednesday Evening Chat Net is coming up shortly and I ought to check in to that. (It went well. Not a lot of people checked in though.)

And that’s my day. Exciting, I know.

May 30

Weekend Trip To Oregon

Got up early Saturday (0500) for a trip to Mt. St. Helen’s. Ended the day in Central Oregon. Go figure!

2016-05-28 07.57.54

Stopped by the Country Kitchen in Vader, Wa for breakfast.

2016-05-28 09.53.24

On to Mt. St. Helen’s. Spent a couple of hours there. Drove back to I-5, turned North, and took the first exit for Yakima.

2016-05-28 15.22.04

Got caught in a traffic slowdown (an hour long slowdown!) in Packwood, Wa. Thousands of people were there for their annual Flea Market! And all of them wanted to cross the road. In front of us.

2016-05-29 08.52.20

Got to Yakima and turned South. Decided to head for the John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon. Just cause we could.

2016-05-29 08.00.24

Stayed the night at the Tallwinds Motel in Moro City, Oregon cause I was pretty tired. Nice motel except for the shower. I hate those damned water-saving shower heads. I think I’m still standing in the thing waiting to get completely wet!

2016-05-29 11.41.04

Got up fairly early (but late for me) Sunday morning and took off for the John Day Fossil Beds and stopped at the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center. Always a nice visit!

2016-05-29 13.01.22

Spent an hour or two there then headed off to the Painted Hills. Crowded! My goodness, it was crowded. Hardly managed to find a place to park to walk around. Had to stand in line 15 minutes to use the restroom.

2016-05-29 13.08.41

Stayed there until I got tired of fighting the crowds. Went back to the main highway, turned right, and was trying to figure out where we wanted to go next. Decided to just head home.

Got home about 2200 and I just crashed. I was beat. But I had so much fun going places with SWMBO and spending time with her I really didn’t want it to end. We need to win the lotto!

2016-05-29 13.22.22

Pictures will be posted on Flickr soon; if anyone is interested.

Today SWMBO needed to get something at Jo Anne’s Fabric’s, so I took her. I sat in the truck watching a movie; and when I pair the tablet with the truck, the sound is badass! (She came out before the end of the move though.)

Then she took me to the Mall for dinner and a walkabout. Now we be home. Doing what Old People do. Recuperating.

May 26

I Be Old. Fat. Old. And Klutzy.

Tanya RobertsActually, today started out with me sleeping late. Finally got up at 0600. Damn! Must be getting old or something. I didn’t even realize that SWMBO had climbed out of bed to get ready for work.

Not a whole lot going on either. Felt lazy so, when I went to get mail, I continued on to Safeway for a breakfast sandwich. Sausage & egg on an English Muffin. It was okay. Nothing to write home about though.

Don’t really feel like doing anything today. I will; just don’t feel like it. Just realized that the days I don’t really feel like doing anything are usually cloudy, cooler, days. Wonder why that is?

In the mail I got a notice of “Important Safety Recall” whereby the “Tensioner cable” on the driver’s seat could break in an accident. There is presently NO fix; but they’ll let me know when it becomes available. Meanwhile, I could be ejected through the windshield in an accident. Luckily, I’m not one to have accidents.

2016-05-25 12.42.19

Oops. Guess I should rephrase that: As long as I don’t use a screwdriver, I’m not prone to have accidents.

I did get off my ass, somewhat, figuretively, and get the MCARC Insurance renewed (online) and a check made out for the PO Box for the next year. Updated the spreadsheet and money program I use to track our finances. It really doesn’t take a whole lot of time to do the Club finances; I just put it off as long as I can for some reason.

Went to the NMARES monthly meeting. Was fun. But, it’s time for this Old Man to go lay down and read awhile. Which means checking Tumblr.

Smile with tongue out

May 24

Been Having This Pain In My Right Leg

Sometimes I Miss My MSFSX CollectionComes on of a sudden and I can barely walk. I don’t remember injuring it and the only thing “unusual” I’ve done lately is drive for 3 days. SWMBO said something about Deep Vein Thrombosis and wants me to go get it checked out. Pain hasn’t happened today (so far but it’s early) so I’m kind of iffy about going to the Urgent Care place here in town. Not to mention the expense! (So much for “free” medical for the rest of my life.)

Other than that it’s too early for anything to be going on. One of the hazards of being Old and Retired. Should get off my fat old ass and fix myself some breakfast, I suppose.

New WebCam came in today and is already hooked up to this Windows 7 VM and Skype installed. It works pretty good. At least as far as the picture goes. Now to add my Uncle (and SWMBO) to see if it is really going to work well.


Skype Profile PicKeep meaning to get off my ass. Worked on the hole I’m putting in the wall some. Got the hole and stud completely cut out. Time to cut the wire, but, I ain’t doing that until SWMBO is going to be home “just in case.” I’ve been bitten by electricity enough times to know it can kick your ass when  you least expect it to. I want someone around that knows CPR!

Decided to take the easy way out for dinner: Fried Tilapia (in bacon grease!) on a bagel and real crispy french fries. (Not those limp noodle POS fries SWMBO likes.)

Been uploading our pictures to Google Drive manually since none of the “apps” seem to want to do it. In Linux or Windows. They do the directories just fine; they just don’t upload the pictures in the directories. Ah well.

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Chat Net went well. I actually heard half the others!