Jul 14

Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Big?

bwb08aYes, my site looks a slight bit different since I deleted some things and moved others around. Not a change that the casual reader will even notice; but I notice. Installed Jetpack to give it a try and just went crazy from there. Mostly I wanted a cross poster; so I apologize to Tumblr and G+ if this is duplicated (or triplicated) and I will get that worked out. Eventually.

Stayed outside as much as possible today. Which was off and on. It was a nice day thought cloudy. Dark cloudy. But, when the Sun peeked out it was outstanding! Worked mostly in the new garden area. Planted a beef steak and a cherry tomato plants I went to ACE and got while making a Post Office run. Took the (damned foo-foo) Dog for a walk around the back 40. Pulled a LOT of weeds.

So, felt kind of lazy for dinner and made myself a BLTB (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Bagel) since we’re out of bread or buns. It was still good though. Added some regular Lays chips and a big glass of Southern Style Tea and dinner!

In Other News: In Golf, there will no longer be a penalty stoke for hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds.  The USGA , the R&A, the PGA, after a private meeting with FBI Director Comey,  have recommended that your opponent must prove that you intended to hit the ball into these hazards in order for there to be a penalty. Carelessness or ignorance is not intent.

Mostly just played around the rest of the day. SWMBO got home safe. Not a whole lot other then Warehouse 13 so I think I’m gonna to lay down.

Jul 13

Ma Dawg Got Foo-Foo’d!

melissa1aBut it was time for his summer haircut. So I dropped him off at the Foo-Foo place at 0930. He didn’t want to go. He didn’t want to stay. And when I picked him up a few minutes ago, HE was leading me to the truck. He’s smater than he looks.
So I took him for a walk around the property and gave him a cookie for his troubles.
Not a whole lot going on; again. Made a trip to COSTCO in Silverdale to get SWMBO some yogurt; and they didn’t have the kind we got last time. So I got a different brand to give a try. If she doesn’t like it, I’ll eat it. Except the Peach. Purely can’t stand Peach drinks/foods. (But I like to eat fresh Peaches right off the tree. Go figure.) Deathly Hypoallergenic to that stuff.
Worked on my raised-bed planters some. Need to stop by ACE Hardware for some staple-thingies to attach the chicken wire to the uprights, but they’re mostly done. Time to buy some dirt. Past time to get something planted!
Think I’ll watch the Warehouse 13 Pilot and go to bed.

Jul 12

I Must Be Gonna Win The Lotto!

Bounce009I mean, I had a can of Clam Chowder for dinner and actually had two (Two!) pieces of clam that I had to chew. TWO! I’m gonna go get my Lotto ticket before they run out.

Not a whole hell of a lot going on around here. Sun comes out. Sun hides. Comes out. Hides. But at least it hasn’t rained yet. I actually did get outside and mow the front-lower and back yards. And most of our walking path. Then me and the Dog took off all our clothes and walked the path using the clippers to trim back some of the stuff trying to overgrow.

Got that done, and decided to take a break and just lounge in the sun. UPS showed up with some packages for our Renters. I didn’t get up to greet him. “You can just pile those on the front steps.”

wwc7aAmazon Prime: sent me a message yesterday that “we tried delivering your package but was unable to …” ??? NOT! I was home all day, took a shower at 0730, so I wouldn’t miss the delivery. I never saw a delivery truck of any kind. Even when I went to check the mail.

So, had a “pink slip” in the mailbox; which meant I had to drive to the Post Office in town to get my package. So, technically, my order was delivered. But not to my house. Which is what I thought I was paying for with Prime (or any delivery). So, yeah, you get two-day delivery, after 2-3 days of “handling”, and you have to go to the Post Office to get it. (Honestly, some wind up on my doorstep. Some I have to go to the Post Office. And I haven’t figured out how/why that happens.)


Installed Windows 7 finally. Had to scavage a dvd drive to do it though. Luckily I had one in the basement. Installed just fine but won’t authenticate, yet. Started installing some “stuff” to play with. Thinking of letting it “upgrade” to Windows 10 just to see what Windows 10 is like. Luckily I won’t be keeping any personal information on that computer.

MCARC 10-meter Tuesday Evening Chat Net went really well. Most everyone had nice signals. I even heard KC7WNJ tonight! Really Unusual. That 6-80 dipole I got works really well if you get it tuned right.

And that’s it. Nice day. SWMBO is home which makes it even nicer. Think I’ll go lay down and read.

Jul 10

Still Ripping CD’s For SWMBO Too.

lil07aAmazon Prime. Not sure, really, how it works. I joined it because I was beginning to order a lot of stuff from Amazon, and the thought of free, 2 day, shipping (if the item qualified) was appealing. I’ve easily spent the equivilent of the Prime membership fee in shipping fee’s over the past year or so. But, I have yet to receive anything in 2 days. It usually takes 2-3 days just to pull the order and get it ready for shipping. Maybe I just don’t understand …

Like, according to the message I got the other day, my latest order was supposed to be here by 2000 Sunday (today). Deliver on Sunday? But that’s what the message said. Still haven’t seen it though. Message not withstanding. So, maybe I don’t understand.

bwb10aPretty normal Sunday around here. Spent the day trying to get that computer I threw together to boot from USB; which it will as long as I only want to run Linux Mint KDE Live. Nothing else will boot. And Linux Live locks up just after checking to see if there is enough space on the hard drive and is connected to the Net. Doesn’t really lock up; it just won’t advance any farther. Think I’m going to remove all but one drive and try again.

SWMBO made dinner and we fed the Missionaries. It was good. (Dinner. Not the Missio.. Wait, they’d have to be good too or they wouldn’t be Missionaries.) But dinner was good!

The MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net went well. Only 4 or 5 check-ins but still interesting. Still, I’m glad AE7VT took it over.

Rained off and on all day but I managed to get some burning done. This will be the Summer that Didn’t Happen. Just you watch.