Oct 09

Nothing A Shower With SWMBO Wouldn’t Fix

So, got another phone call from a guy that wants to build/manage my website (olddocking.us), and, after he (in an obvious Indian (country) accent) introduced himself and asked if he was talking to (me), I came right out and said “I am not looking for someone to build/manage my web site.”

He was silent for a moment then asked “How did you know I was going to talk about that?”

“Because” says I. “Every phone call from a person with your particular accent is about wanting to build/manage my site. EVERY one.” (And I am NOT exaggerating. Honest.) (And if that sounds racist …)

He was silent for another moment, then, to give him credit, he still tried to sell me on it before I hung up on him. Since I registered olddocking.us I’ve been getting these phone calls. I rarely answer the phone anymore unless I recognize the number. Doesn’t help to block them either as they always have a different number the next time they call.

I know that if we ever got real Star Trek type communicators, it wouldn’t take a week before they’d be cluttered up with spam calls.

Well, SWMBO got moved from the 3rd floor (where the really sick folks are) to the 4th floor (where the not-so-sick folks are) because she’s doing better than most of the covid pneumonia/acute respiratory failure folks usually do. She’s still on O2 but 50/60 last I heard. (50% O2 @ 60 l/pm.) She’s being encouraged to walk around her room more often now. Cool!

I told her that when they move her to the roof I’d come get her. She said she’s got acute angina. Told her her legs are pretty nice too. (Not really. No wait. Her legs are nice. Still. The angina part wasn’t real. Nevermind.)

Date Day again. Not with SWMBO again. Got my meds refilled at the drive through at the Naval Hospital. Stopped by Burger King for Breakfast/Lunch before hitting WinCo for the few things I needed for the week. Stopped at what used to be “Cash & Carry” on the way home and checked out their prices for “stuff.” Bought some Chinese Restaurant paper bowl thingies to put leftovers in instead of using plastic containers all the time. Another experiment.

Does anyone else see where this is going to lead? Quote: Researchers in Japan have developed a vaccination strategy in mice that promotes the production of antibodies that can neutralize not only SARS-CoV-2 but a broad range of other coronaviruses as well. If successfully translated to humans, the approach, to be published today (October 8, 2021), in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, could lead to the development of a next-generation vaccine capable of preventing future coronavirus pandemics. Unquote.

How about “Let’s try this one next!” on the general population.

Heard a woman say she wanted her son to turn out just like Joe Biden. Got mad when I handed her a plastic bag and told her to tape it over her kids head for an hour and he’d turn out just like Ol’ Joe.


Oct 07

#FJB Sounds Good To Me

So, Manchin is giving up and giving in. Pretty sad when Senator Sinema is the only one with balls enough to stand up to the rest of them. She’s even got most of the GOP beat in that department. Sad.

Almost an epic SSDD around here.

Raised a bit of a ruckus at AAG where we’re in line to get a reverse mortgage. It’s taking forever and I’m not being kept as up to date about the process as I’d like to be. The Agent in charge of my account called and apologized. Only took an e-mail to his boss. Who forwarded it to a couple of other bosses apparently. But I really wasn’t a happy camper. We’ll see how things improve.

Seems the big wait right now is the requirement for a 2nd appraisal. Seems appraisers are in short supply with today’s booming real estate market.

SWMBO called. She’s doing well. They lowered her O2 to 11 liters per minute to see how she’d do. She said she’s doing well with that so far. I’d just like her to be home. SHE’D like her to be home.

Trying a whole chicken in the Instant Pot (even though its a Farberware Pressure pot). Stuffed some strawberry’s, pineapple, and apple sauce in the cavity and some onion and celery into the pot with a cup of water. Slathered garlic and paprika on the outside (of the chicken; not the pot). Cook for 10 minutes per pound (25 minutes) and we’ll see. Pot was too small to add the potato’s (wrapped in tin foil and butter) and carrots (wrapped in tin foil with butter and some brown sugar). Broil for 10 minutes after Instant Pot.

So, we’ll see.

On the laptop I put together for SWMBO, I had just added her as a user. That’s not working out. Too many admin functions where I’d have to log her out and me in to get anything done. So I copied her data to a usb drive and reinstalled Linux Mint 20+. So far it’s working rather well. Need to install wine so rootsmagic will work.

Chicken tasted good but it was overcooked. Or maybe undercooked but done. Got to 165 degrees. Meat was kinda tough though. The carrots were just crispy enough to be good but the tater was what SWMBO calls el-dente but what I call “That needs some more cookin’!” So this experiment turned out, oh, 50-50. Now to figure out what to do with legs and thighs I won’t eat. Did see a recipe for chicken stock …

Oct 05

Nice Wx Monday. Wow!

Personally, having a loved one in the hospital presently, I’d like to thank each and every Hospital with a No Visitors policy, because of, you know, covid, for proving my assertion that Getting Vaccinated and Wearing Masks Do Not Work. And to an extent the arbitrary distance of 6 feet “social distancing” doesn’t appear to work either.

But, SWMBO brought up an interesting point: The No Visitor policy is for the Hospital’s protection; because if you walked down a hallway behind someone with the covid and you caught the covid you could sue the Hospital. Which is stupid but does happen. The sue part. Because we let someone get away with suing a hospital for stupid shit once and now can’t get away from letting everyone sue for stupid shit.

Sure, mistakes of a technical nature should be sue-able. But suits because a certain treatment did or didn’t work: nope. Otherwise: Shit Happens.

To my way of thinking (because I have a surfeit of common sense) is that IF a surgeon doesn’t take the time to look around and see if he’s left any tools/whatever behind before he closes up, then maybe he shouldn’t BE a surgeon. But that’s just me.

Which is why Medical Malpractice Insurance is expensive and that gets passed on to us. I just got charged $585 for a $10 immunization because Medicare only pays $241. Which is still $230 too much. If I had to pay that out of my pocket, I’d just chance getting pneumonia. And they wonder why folks don’t seek medical care until it’s almost too late.

But, don’t get me started.

Just doing shit around the house trying to keep it clean and somewhat orderly and not go fookin’ bonkers. That was a lie. Never in my wildest dreams will any place SWMBO and I occupy be orderly. She’s a pack-rat (won’t let me get rid of anything!) and I save stuff until I might need it later. But I am learning that if I put my tools (or whatever) back where they belong it’s way easier to find them the next time I need them. Who’dathunk?

I threw away a bunch of stuff last year that I’d been saving forever. Within 2 days I had to go buy something that I had just gotten rid of because “I’ll never use this.” I know how the Universe works and it’s pretty fucked up. But I continue to refuse to learn the lesson. If they’d make messiness mandatory though …

I’m why the BIN industry is a multi-Billion $ business. Thanks goodness for the $1 store.

Oct 04

SSDD Sunday

Turns out, I’m the end product of the times I grew up in.

Opened a new container of chicken broth. Checked the top as I usually do for tampering. Sure enough, the tin foil thingie was pushed in like someone had pushed it with their finger. I know I didn’t open it because 1) I got it to use in a turkey dinner experiment I hadn’t gotten to yet (today) and 2) I always pull the damned things off from the top and NEVER just stick my finger in it. (Who knows where my fingers have been!?)

So, down the drain it goes.  Disposal had a bit of a problem with the plastic cap. (Just kidding.)

Minor sprinkling/misting on our walk this morning. Only did half of the walk cause I didn’t feel like doing the whole thing today. I was still awake at 0300 and when I did finally fall asleep I woke up at 0700. Still tired.

So, got a turkey breast and am going to try to cook it in the Instant Pot. Put in chopped celery, chopped onion and some other seasonings. Added a bit of that “smoke” stuff from when you smoke meats. Couple of taters. A tin foil wrap of dry dressing (that I’m thinking will soak up the steam during cooking). Salt. Pepper. Butter. Garlic. Chopped radish(s).

IF it works out that’ll be dinner tonight and should slice into sandwich meat for the rest of the week. Or two. If this works out maybe I’ll be able to get away from “processed” turkey for my lunch sandwiches. Although, honestly, every meat you prepare and cook is “processed.” Home made just doesn’t have all the chemicals “they” add to preserve. Except I just added that “smoke” chemical. Hmm.

But I’ll get to use my new meat slicer again. Joy. 😛

One of my friends came over to help me with getting my ladder rack back on my truck. Neither of us could lift very well so we opted to get his big, strong, hulking son down to help us tomorrow or the day after. Getting Old sucks. Getting Old and the covid weakness sucks more. 

Turkey turned out okay; but it wasn’t turkey breasts. It was a lump of some white meat and a lot of dark meat and I guess they de-boned a turkey and stuffed what was left in a bag and froze it. Was tasty but neither SWMBO nor I like the dark meat. Guess I ought to pay attention to the package when I shop.

She’s called twice today and doing as well as can be expected; I guess. We got to share dinner via video call. Nice. Still wish she were home. The PA that saw her today was hopeful. (But aren’t they always?)