Jun 08

Yes. All That And Still Glad To Be Home

So, we’re back from our “vacation” and getting back into the daily routine of things. Which means I’m pretty busy doing “things” around the house. You should see our yard! I know lawns are an artificial construct, but, mine has taken this “get back to Nature” schtick a bit too far even for me.

One Of My Favorite Games

Our Vaycay? Well, I’m glad to be home cause I need a break from Vacation. Aside from doing all the driving I spent two weeks busting my ass trying to get my FILA’s garage (and house) de-cluttered and cleaned out. There was so much stuff to do. So much.

(At one point I had all the boxes he’d saved up over the past two years flattened and in the back of his van. Filled the thing! Luckily we found a recycle place that took them off our hands. Guy asked where I got all the boxes and I told him that my FILA had saved them. He asked “Why? Are they limited editions or something?”)

Even bought a 6×10 dump trailer to facilitate getting rid of stuff. BUT, I filled the trailer with limbs and garage trash once then couldn’t find anyone that’d let me dump it. Oh, some places in Ohio (around Toledo) took garage trash; just not mixed with “lawn clippings.” Meaning the limbs. Others would take the limbs; but not the garage trash. Finally found one place that took both but charged me $150 and I got to dodge the big garbage trucks. Unfortunately we couldn’t burn the limbs because his proximity to the gas refinery and fuel pipelines going through the field next to his house. (The pipelines in the field; not the refinery. The refinery’s 3 blocks away. Nevermind.)

At the end of two weeks I still hadn’t accomplished what I wanted to and pretty much gave up. I needed a break.

Meanwhile, my 83 year old FILA absolutely needs a live-in house keeper. Who should be paid a LOT.

He did give me his Shop-smith and table saw; which was another reason I bought a utility trailer. Bought a $84 winch (without a cable guide) at Harbor Freight to help me pull those items into the trailer; and promptly bent the damned thing pulling the Shop-smith up the ramps. My bad cause I wasn’t watching the winch but was watching what I was pulling into the trailer. So, bought another one, with a cable guide, and got the 400 lb table saw loaded without a hitch. Or problems I should say. Without problems.

Once the trailer was loaded with those items and several toolboxes full of tools and sewing magazines (in boxes) and everything we were going to take back it all came to about a ton. Trailer handled that rather nicely.

Ride back was a bitch tho. Just once I’d like to head West and NOT have to fight a headwind all the way! We used twice as much gas coming back as getting out to Ohio (even considering the trailer and it’s ton of cargo). At one time in Western Iowa, I had the cruise control set at 75 and was managing only 68; thanks to the wind. Was getting only 7.1 mpg that day. In the non-windy spots (all 4 of them) I got 15-18 mpg. (Over all for 6400+ miles we got 15.7 mpg. Not bad for a 8 cyl Silverado.)

Gas ran the gambit from $4.20 in Washington to to $4.50 in Toledo to $3.99 in mid-Iowa to 4.99 in Kansas to 5.99 back in Washington. We Spent A Butt-Ton On Gas! Especially coming back.

Won’t be doing that again for awhile. Thanks Joe Biden.

Also, I gained 10+ pounds somehow! Even with all that physical work and effort the Fast Food and sodas piled it on. Fuck.

Crap. Forgot to post this last night.

May 01

Velcome To NAZI America. You Vill Belief Vat Ve Tell You To Believe. The Office Of Properganda, er, Misinformation Is The Final Vord For You.

I’m thinking that’s another government agency that can kiss my big white ass.

Filed under the heading: I Want Two! (One for backup): New diamond wafers made in Japan can store 1 billion Blu-Ray discs of data. As it says, the company is thinking to commercialize them in 2023; but I imagine they’ll be WAY out of my price range. Would love to have that kind or storage. The only two questions I have are: Write Speed? Read Speed? Fast enough to do video is the main thing.

Problem is: I’m a compulsive collector. Sure, downloading a season of NCIS is ok, but, buying the DVD/Blu-Ray and ripping my own without those onscreen adverts is way better. (Commercial tv sucks with those ads for what’s next taking up a third of the screen even momentarily. And those station id logos are even worse.)

And, right now, Blu-ray is the way to go. Sure, I use Handbrake to “shrink” the final movie file; but mostly for space considerations. Hard drive space is limited. Even with the 4 5-tb drives in my NAS. Imagine not having to worry about how much space a file takes. 30 Gig vs 2 Gig.

As it is though, I could start watching everything I’ve “collected” so far and still not get through it all before I take that final step across the Multiverse. So giving me more space is probably a bad thing.

Speaking of collecting: Got the rescanned HD “War of the Worlds” 1953. Still a classic that looks a LOT better now. Anyone else notice that “Doctor Clayton Forrester” really needed “to get a better look at them,” DID get his chance, and threw a board at it? And poor Ann wakes in a strange man’s arm in a field but opens her eyes like she just got laid. Again.

Shoot. Keep forgetting to post this. Got busy packing for our trip to Ohio. Had to let the bank know we’re traveling so our cards won’t get locked out in bumfuck, Wyoming. Mail. Things.

Our future daughter-in-law and her dog are going to house sit for us. Nice of her. She likes it out here in the “boonies” though, so, that’s good. We’ve showed her how to work the smart tv, the raspberry pi with KODI on it to watch the stuff on the NAS. Got her tablet and phone added to our network so she can use our Internet and not her cell time.

So, 0900 tomorrow …

And I am watching the Wx out on the Plains really close.

Apr 15

Time To Rename The Internet To The Infinitely Indexed Memory Bank? And Happy Burt Gummer Day!

Seeing as how it sucks everything from the minds of those using it then makes that available to the “public.”

So, got the COSTCO “Deals” mailing. Looks like I can get 12 lbs of Ground Beef for ONLY $84.99 (Delivered!!!). OR I can go to ChefsStore, buy a chuck for $50 (or so), and make my own 20 lbs or so. Depending on how much fat I leave in it. (Which won’t be much as I intend to freeze dry it.) $85 for 12 lbs of burger. Man.

Stew meat at any store is another of those. @ 4.80 lb I’ll buy the cheaper cut and make my own. I have knives! Lots of knives! And I know how to use them. It’s really not rocket science.

Went through the freezer and sorted everything I left. Took out a butt-ton of burger to cook and freeze dry. About 5 lbs of pork roasts too to make into pulled pork. Think I’ll buy some fresh chicken and do that up this next week.

Gotta grill those burgers I bought a few days ago!

About vegetable’d out for the time being. Have plenty for the working pantry but need to start the long-term stuff. And soon.

Snowed like crazy off and on for most of Tuesday. Got really thick at times. Was all melted within 10 minutes each time. Crazy.

Just hailing out there. Cool.

Cooked up 18 patties (we ate two), 4 lbs of pulled pork, and 5 lbs of burger for the freeze dryer. Don’t want to smell cooking meat for the next couple of days!

Hope Elon Musk gets to buy Twitter!