Aug 10

If It Can Be Broken, I Will Break It!

Broke my Ubuntu Studio. Trying to fix it now. Will probably be offline a day or so. Or not. I just don’t know. Seems to be an invalid entry in the fstab file. Have been able to boot into recover/root mode but couldn’t remember how to edit that file. Looked it up and wrote it down!

Then there is still remembering how to edit a file in root mode at the command prompt. Haven’t used VI in ages! Hope there is an “Edit” I can use.

If nothing else I can always reinstall Ubuntu Studio without formatting the /Home directory. (But, oh shit, the rebuilding that would have to be done!!!)

Shrank the Windows 7 partition. Booted to Windows to check mail and look that stuff up. Did a bunch of checks and rebooted but came right up. So I know I can boot back into Windows 7 if I have to.


Aug 05

Damn, I Can Be Stupid Sometimes!

And it’s my own damned fault. Seems I installed Windows 7 Basic, which I don’t have a key for, and it started asking me to validate. Well, of course the key I have (for Windows 7 Home) doesn’t work. So I tried “upgrading” to what I do have. Uh oh. Stopped half into installing and told me I couldn’t, then proceeded to wipe the boot sector of the VM. Damn! In the words of so many people I’ve helped working in computer repair these past 30 years or so: It don’t boot no more.


So I’ve had to make another Windows 7 VM (this time with the correct version) and reinstall everything. Everything. It’s still kind of wonky but getting there. Re-setting up programs can be a real pain when user names and passwords are involved! (And the video is still kinda weird.)

MCARC 2-meter Wednesday Evening Chat Net went well. Had to switch to the 857d and the directional yagi I built so they could hear me better. That’s part of the fun! I think I need to take apart the mic on the Icom-2000H and clean the contacts or buy a new one. Mic.


That’s pretty much it for tonight. Just not a lot happened today; unless you count reinstalling a Windows 7 VM as “happening.” It was a lot cooler today than it has been. Actually had to wear shorts and a t-shirt when I went to water the garden. Probably made the neighbors a bit happier.

Aug 02

Got Windows 7 In A VM. Finally!

rrr09bAnd it appears to be working just fine. Reinstalling all the programs I “usually” use; and will use them until I find a Linux equivalent that works for me. Blogilo just ain’t gonna make it. I guess I’m too used to Windows Live Writer (since it does what I want it to do). Getting S10 Password Vault installed is sure going to save me some time and effort moving all my passwords over to Linux!

Not much else going on around here. About as SSDD a Sunday as you can get for the bucks you pays. SWMBO made corn on the cob & mashed and I BBQ’d the pork chops for dinner. It was all yummy!

Now we’re just sorta chilling.

I really like this Ubuntu Studio. When I’m in Thunderbird I sometimes have to remind myself that I’m not in Windows anymore. That’s cool! I haven’t really tried all the different Audio/Video programs, yet, but I’m looking forward to it. I like learning new things and trying out different programs.

I set Thunderbird up to where the Linux and Windows programs share the same files on my data drive. That way I can check mail in either and not have to copy/move things around. But, sometimes Linux Thunderbird loses everything and I have to access my data drive, then restart Thunderbird, to get everything back. Small problem that I’m sure is fixable. Maybe I ought to permanently mount the data drive? Hmmm… I wonder how one does that?

I set it up to where I have only 2 workspaces spread across 3 screens. That means I have six places I can put running programs. Weird. Fun, but you can forget where you put things. I just made this Windows 7 VM visible in all the Workspaces so I can’t lose it. Cool!

rr06The video isn’t quite as good as it is on a straight Windows 7 OS though. VLC Media Player seems a bit more, uh, blocky is the only word that comes to mind. But a really up to date nVidia driver hasn’t been released for Linux though. One of these days … (When people get tired of Microsoft running their lives and most everyone switches over to Linux then you’ll see more programs and drivers released for Linux.)

Have to find out if X-Plane from “Steam” will download and work on Linux. I know MSFSX won’t; but it would be nice if X-Plane did. I do like my flight simulators. I don’t know what to do about OneDrive & Google Drive either. I don’t really have the room on this VM to store all those pictures. (Unless, when/if I actually format my real Windows 7 drive I could make one big damned VM out of it!)

So, right now I’m running Ubuntu Studio with a Windows 7 VM off to the right monitor and learning a lot of things. Fun!

MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net went well. Twelve check-ins tonight; and a couple of “new” guys. Cool!

Aug 01

Let Us See If This Works!

Installed Ubuntu Studio (Linux) and have been getting it set up and running. Trying different programs that are supposed to do what I do in Windows 7 normall. So far, Blogio (or Bloglio) will not connect to my blogs. This is Zoundry Raven and we’ll see how it works. Or not.


Installed VirtualBox and am trying to install Windows 7 on it and even though I got it installed, it doesn’t want to activate. I think it thinks I’ve used too many licenses. It’s running for now, but … I’m installing Windows 7 to use my usual programs (and a couple I’ve paid for) until I can find an equivilant in Linux.

Didn’t post yesterday because I made a trip to Seattle to have dinner with SWMBO and some of her co-workers. That was nice. Spendy, but nice. The ferry ride over was nice too and, OMG, the young bootie and legs were out in force. The sun shining on untanned legs was blinding! But that didn’t keep me from walking the waterfront until SWMBO found me for the dinner. It was hot, but nice (for me).

Stopped by where the Navy ships were parked for Seafair; but didn’t feel like waiting in line for an hour or more for the tour. Met and talked with a HM1 walking down the waterfront. Nice conversation. Saw plenty of “real” Navy walking around and even some Canadian Navy people. And the “Knee Deep” Navy (Coast Guard) was there too.

Anyway, by the time we got home last night I was too pooped to reboot into Windows and make a post. Spent most of today getting this Linux to work and do what I want it to. Still working on that.

So, let’ see if this will post… (Still not sure if I will be using this program or not)