Dec 29

Damn Weather Persons!

Yesterday and day before the Weatherpersons were talking/warning us about a new storm moving in. Was supposed to drop 1″ to 3″ of snow over the whole area. Well, here in (our part of) Olalla all we got was 1″ to 3″ of RAIN! Didn’t see a flake of snow where we are. Then, Poop Dog and I took off for the property around noon. Got to the top of the first hill and saw a few flakes of snow. Got to the top of the next hill and got a few more flakes of snow. Was definitely snowing on the freeway. Then by the time we hit Port Orchard it was really snowing. Traffic slowed down and everything. So, instead of spending 3 hours getting out to the property I decided to come on back home. Poop Dog didn’t get a vote. I was driving this time. Took the Sedgwick exit and by the time we got over the hill to where Freddy’s is it was raining. Rained all the way back to the house except when we crossed over the freeway. There it was snowing. Strange! And rained all night! Can you tell I’ve been in Warshington too long?
Today was our fairly usual Friday date. Took SWMBO to a late breakfast in Port Orchard then we went and saw the new “National Treasure” movie. The movie was okay (seemed kind of lackluster to me and all the major stars look like they’re trying to win the bulimic of the year award) but being out with SWMBO was great! (As Usual!) Got back to the house about 1630 and have been straightening up my Television & Movie drives and getting them back up and running. The Television drive messed up and I managed to move most everything off it before I reformatted it. Damn, I hate doing that! Took over 285 minutes to move the tv programs to another disc. But I got it all put back together and it all seems to be working right so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
Anywho, that’s about it. Gotta feed two hungry Missionaries tomorrow (today now) at 1630 so I guess I won’t be going out to the property unless I get up really early. Was thinking of taking my new widescreen camera out there and recording the sunrise of something…

Dec 23

Not Much Going On On Sunday…

Just sitting around playing on the computer and watching tv. Ripped and put all 3 Bourne movies on one disc and am watching it now to "be sure it works okay". Ought to get off my ass and do some dishes! Already made SWMBO dinner. She let me off easy tonight by letting me nucro-wave her a chicken pot pie. Thanks, cutie!

Flew the F15C mission in Lock On. Blew 4 of the enemy out of the sky before they got me. Went down in flames! Lots better than the first time I played it. I’m having problems figuring our why Lock On and X-Plane go squirrelly on me. Meaning both programs the video gets jerky. I unload everything I can and still run Windows. I have an Athelon dual core 64 with 1 gig or ram I shouldn’t be having any problems.

Started reading an Astronomy book last night in my usual ’read before going to sleep’ time. I gotta sit down and make me a schedule! Too many things I want to do. Something like:

  • Sunday: Scan pictures. Study PHP
  • Monday: Study MySql. Rip remaining cd’s.
  • Tuesday: Study PHP. Rip my movies to .avi files.
  • Wednesday: Scan pictures. Study MySql.
  • Thursday: Rip movies to .avi files. Watch Smallville.
  • Friday: Date with SWMBO. (Keep finger out of nose.)
  • Saturday: Whatever I haven’t done earlier in the week!

Not to mention all the other stuff I usually do (laundry, dishes, housework, stuff the "Man" is supposed to do around the house, etc, etc, etc), Phew! Figured last night that since I don’t have a "regular book" (meaning by someone like Koontz or King) to read before bedtime that it would be a good time to read something I’ve wanted to learn. i.e. Astronomy or whatever. Also need to learn some College Accounting if I’m to start my own business.

Speaking of Koontz, Dean R.: I haven’t been disappointed in a Koontz book at all (well, there was that "Abducted" one which generally sucked) until I finished this latest one. "The Darkest Evening of the Year". Went okay until the very last chapter. It was written like Koontz was thinking "Well, I’ve spent enough time on this book and I gotta finish it off and get on to something else. Gotta catch up with Stephen King!" or something.

Me and Poop-Dog got out to the property for awhile yesterday. Damn, I have a lot of work to do with the Digger out there! I put more pictures up on my gallery, the EarthShelteredDome gallery and my Webshots gallery (just in case) of the damage to the road, clearing and dome hole. Now I gotta figure a way to get my Digger back out there…

Dec 22


Unless you want malware/trojans/viri installed on your computer! I downloaded and installed this POS Free Video Converter. During install it says "Some of the features will not work unless you install System Guard." System Guard? What the hell is System Guard and why wasn’t anything mentioned on the website I downloaded it from? Hell no I don’t want to install System Guard. Installed the free video converter without System Guard and dropped ONE file into the convert box, chose convert to wmv, clicked on the convert button and kept getting a box that said I had to install System Guard to convert more than 3 files. Every time I clicked on the convert button.

Assholes! I just hope I can get all this off my system. WHY didn’t I install it on my VMWare Windows Virtual Machine like I usually do? (Cause SWMBO needed a video converter to convert .avi files to .wmv so she can load up her Zune and I got in a hurry to get it done for her. That’s why!) I scanned with AVG and A-squared and found no problems. Scanning with Ad-Ware now… (Didn’t find anything…)

Nov 08

Fixed My Digger Today….

Didn’t feel too well yesterday so the entire day was pretty wasted. Scratchy, fuzzy throat and just feeling Blah. At least I waited until SWMBO’s day in the office to feel bad!
Felt a lot better today. The headache I’ve been waking up with wasn’t as bad this morning. I think I’m going to try sleeping on my foam pad on the floor tonight and see how I feel in the morning. I’d sure hate to think that, after 30 years, I’m getting too damned old to sleep on my waterbed. SWMBO bought a new bed and we’re waiting for it to get here in the mail. (UPS?) Sure hope it solves the problem!
Finally got off my butt and drove out to Belfair and bought a hydraulic hose for my Digger. That $100 I made the other day: $85 for the hose. At least I’m still $15 to the good! Got back home and it took me all of 10 minutes to get it put on and working good. And it does. So I PM’d the Digger and made sure everything else I can get to is tight. All the fluids are up to par and I greased all the fittings I could find. Probably not bad for not having a manual!
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