Aug 17

It’s Been A Pretty Normal Week!

Honestly, the only thing that stands out is SWMBO and I went to see “Captain America” last Friday. Good movie! Then to our usual shopping trip and a late lunch at the Teriyaki chicken place over Gig Harbor way.

OH, Saturday was “A Taste of Belfair.” (Which I call Belfair Bites.) Wasn’t as warm as last year Wx wise, but all the Classic Cars were still cool. Saw a couple of ‘67-‘68 Mustangs. Bought a ‘68, used, for $600 (which was a fortune!) way back when.  Loved that car. The future-ex painted a phoenix on the hood.

Other than that just doing things around the house. The usual housework and such. It’s been slowly getting warmer during the days so I sit out in the sunshine when I can. Take the dog for walks. “Play” on the radio.

Youngest Daughter and a couple of the Grandkids came over for dinner last Sunday. That was pretty cool! I’m still getting used to being a grandpa. Still getting used to the noise a 4-year old can make! I love having them all over though.

Heck, I’m still coming to terms with being ALMOST 60 years old. I’ve had more aches and pains and pulled muscles since turning 59 than in the past 5 years combined.

Watched what I could of the Perseid Meteor Shower this past whenever it was. Saw only a couple of bright meteor’s since I’m old and in bed by 0100 at the latest. Did get up at 0400 the 2nd day of the shower but, true to Warshington Wx, it was too cloudy to even see the sky, so I went back to bed.

Sometimes I wish I lived out in the desert. Yuma would be nice. Even Eastern Washington/Oregon would be nice. Down around Searchlight, Nv would be okay too.

Ah well…

Aug 05

It IS Friday Night? Isn’t It?

Really a pretty regular week up until Wednesday.
Wednesday SWMBO invited our youngest Granddaughter over for the day. DAMN, small kids got a lot of energy! She liked to have ran us ragged. Walked SWMBO a couple miles through the Tahuya Forest and had plenty of energy for a walk through the Theler Wetlands. And enough to play on the play-thingie at MacDonald’s! Phew! Was really great having her over though.

Thursday SWMBO and I went to see “Cowboys & Aliens” at the theater in Gig Harbor. I liked it. SWMBO said she liked it. Making plans to see “Captain America” next.
Today SWMBO and I went to “Lunch With The Hams” at the Little Creek Casino over Shelton/Olympia way. Nice lunch with several of the Hams from the Shelton Club. The buffet was pretty good except for the fried oysters. Never had them before and will probably never have them again. And their Clam Chowder didn’t taste that great. Everything else was pretty good though.
Have spent a LOT of time working on the NMARES website. So much so that I just took a break from it today. Will probably redo the gallery since I got the gallery program I like to work on my site. Man, you can’t please everybody with any one site design! I think I’m going to have to just pick one and go with that. Too much work changing everything.
Been spending a lot of time re-installing my personal gallery also. Then re-uploading pictures and getting them where I want them to be in the order they should be in. About ready to redo my Navy career site.
Was thinking of going to the Ham Fest in Chehalis tomorrow but I just don’t feel like driving all the way down there to buy nothing. Ah well. One of these days I’ll win the lotto! I am thinking of getting a 2m/440 rig for my truck. They really aren’t that expensive.
And that’s about it for now!

Feb 08

The Continuing FedEx Saga…

So, I get this e-mail today from FedEx:

We received your message and are routing it to the person at FedEx who is most qualified to answer. We hope to be back with you shortly.

Then I get this one from The Great Courses folks:

Thank you for your order! I apologize for the delay in the receipt of your package. Our information from FedEx does indicate that this box was delivered; since this was not the case I will be happy to arrange for a reshipment for you… Please let me know how best to resolve this issue for you.

Best wishes,


Customer Relations

Talk about GREAT Customer Support! I may buy something from these folks again even if I decide to quit learning anything new for the rest of my life! (Naw, I don’t think I could become a Democrat…)

Not much else going on. Sun’s out but it still too cold to go out and do much. Made a run to the Library (yes, I still read *real* books!) and took the Netflix movies to the Post Office.

Feb 07

I Got The FedEx Blues

So, I ordered a course from "The Great Courses" place in Virginia; Our Night Sky on DVD. I have this nice little telescope and I want to learn how to use it better. Living someplace with more clear night sky’s would probably help, but that is another issue all together!

Anywho, the company shipped via FedEx. FedEx states on its web site that they delivered 3 Feb. Left it on the door as no signature was required. HOWEVER, I have *not* seen this package. I go out and in my front door every day when the dog and I go for our walks, sometimes several times a day, and I have yet to see a package on my front door step. Or on the back door step. Nor on the door step to the mother-in-law door. I believe that FedEx may have delivered my package to some other door step.

So I went to the FedEx site and spent a good 10 minutes tracking down where to complain that I have yet to actually see, feel or hear this package and that they probably delivered to the wrong house. What a pain! But I finally got to where I wanted to be and left a complaint. I don’t expect it’ll do any good. FedEx will just say they delivered it. And you know that "The Great Courses" will say it’s FedEx’s failt. (Which it probably is.)

So I’m probably out near $30 bucks because of some lazy FedEx driver.

OTT things are still pretty much SSDD around here. Rained some today and is still too cool outside for me. Still studying for my General test this Saturday. So Far I’ve passed all the practice tests at Barely passed some but passed.

SWMBO has had a pain in her side the last couple of days and went to see her doctor today. She may have gallstones. Bummer! I had my gallbladder taken out almost 9 years ago just for that reason. The surgery nowadays is easy and quick; it’s the *after* that’s difficult. Mostly watching the fat content of anything you want to eat. Too much fat can cause real problems!

Really enjoyed the latest episode of Smallville. Chloe came back with a Matrix Vengeance!