Jul 11

Hello world!

So, just starting this as a possible replacement for my other blog. As nice as WordPress is, I live in fear that my Conservative leanings will get me cancelled from there. Maybe that won’t happen here if here is somewhere I pay for myself. And no ads. That’s always a plus.

Anywho, getting things set up …

Jul 05

Damn Fine Last Couple Of Days!

Me? I spent a LOT of time out at the property moving things around or cutting wood and bringing it home. It’s all stacked outside waiting for me to split and stack it. I just love this hot weather! Up at the property wearing nothing but flip-flops!
Took Kat to see “Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer” last night. Wasn’t hardly anyone in the theater. Didn’t like this one as much as the first one; even though the Silver Surfer was one of the comics I read when I was (much!) younger. Did like the special effects (they did the Silver Surfer pretty good!) but the quality of the film overall was lacking. Ah well…

Jun 21

How It’s Going!

Well, spent the last couple of days at the property pushing dirt around
with my Digger. Nice and hot and sunny! My knees are so sunburned!
Moving dirt has it’s own mellow; once you get into a rhythm your mind
can pretty much go where you want it to.
Been on the phone or internet most of the morning tracking down someone
to install the floor joists & subflooring, windows & doors and maybe
frame in the deck. Looking for a dumbwaiter & spiral stair also. I get
these last numbers in and we can go for financing. We’re running out of
time! For one, Mason County is giving us a limited amount of time to get
this thing built. For another if we don’t start by mid-august then we’ll
have to wait until it stops raining again (next June). Then we’ll have
to go through the Mason County BS again.
Other than that things are going well. New site, blog and all are
working. Now I just have to figure out what I really want to do with them!

Jun 19

Testing E-Mail Posting

What a great day out at the property! Spent about 5 hours moving dirt
around and getting things done. Cool!
Got home kind of late so I took SWMBO out to all you can eat pizza at
Fodgothers Pizza. Was okay. Best part was being out with her!