Oct 28

Cool Dark Wednesday. Get Used To It!

My Ex-Renter.My lovely-young-bride (SWMBO) of danged near 35 years, doesn’t let me climb on the roof anymore cause, somewhere, somewhen, I got OLD. WAY klutzier than I was even 20 years ago. (And I’m not sure if I’m not insured or she just hasn’t got the payments quite caught up on insurance. But don’t tell her my suspicions.)

So, imagine her surprise yesterday when she returned from dropping her friends off at home, to find me 55 feet up in the air working on my tower and antenna’s.

She did not look happy when she got out of the car. But, my neighbor with the man-lift brought it down and we finally got the top section of my tower, with antenna attached, up and bolted securely in place. And, other than one cable being 10 feet too short (damn!) it went well. Even repositioned the security cam I have up there.

Beside, what’s to worry about a 68 year old (me) and a 75 year old (my neighbor) being 55 feet up in the air? What could possibly go wrong?

Noticed that the slimy fuckers in Philly are rioting because a Black man with a knife 222bbcharging the police, got killed. I guess the fact that he HAD A FREAKIN’ KNIFE and was CHARGING THE COPS doesn’t mean anything. No Cop should be made to stand and maybe get killed.

USPS Worker Charged With Dumping Ballots: Yet we’re supposed to trust voting by mail for America. Which I don’t as long as there’s a Democrat alive. I’d almost rather vote by UPS/FedEx than trust the US Post Office. Better yet, let the FBI handle mail in voting since they can’t seem to handle anything else. Or, maybe not.

So get off your asses and take yourself down to vote in person. And don’t let any Democrats handle the collected votes. It’s already going to be (crazy would be an understatement) after the votes cause you know the Democrats are going to contest every vote in every State and drag it out. They’ll steal it if we let them.

Maybe we ought to get out and demonstrate FOR President Trump immediately after the election to show Democrats that we were serious?

I see Cher and Reiner are up to their usual. WHY do any credible News agency continue to give these has-beens print? Oh, wait. Credible News Agency. That’s where I fucked up.

Anywho, SWMBO is off to the Genealogy Library so I think I’m going to my shop in the basement and work on that piece of wood my neighbor gave me. It’s going to make a nice live-edge table/shelf.

Oct 25

Still Extremely SSDD Around Here!

I saw the strangest thing this morning.Went outside before the sun came up. There were the Pleiades to the West, Orion and Betelgeuse to the South. North there was a satellite. And another. And another. And another. I counted over 40 of the things all in a row following each other across the sky. Most all pretty evenly spaced at about a hand across. Fookin’ weird!

My Mom & My Son. Both Long Gone.

So I looked it up, if course. Elon Musk low-Earth-orbit satellites to get us Internet. It was almost kind of pretty but I can imagine the damage being done to some astronomical studies and all the photo’s taken from Earth. Mixed feelings. Pretty but annoying.

And that lets y’all know how often we get to see the stars around here. These sats have been up for months and I’m just now seeing them. As a matter of fact, I disassembled my telescope a couple of years ago because every time a astronomical phenomena was scheduled to happen, clouds would move in (sometimes only an hour beforehand) and we can’t see a thing. Couple of years ago I even had to drive down to central Oregon to view the total eclipse. (Was worth the trip!!!)

And, of course I forgot to finish and post this last night. Must have been tired.


I see the “tolerant” left took on “Jews for Trump.” I think every time they do shit like this they turn more folks towards voting for Trump. Y’all keep it up! I’m so looking forward to the violence after President Trump is re-elected. Hopefully the authorities will open up our ability to respond in a sufficiently fatal manor. Fatal for the rioters, of course.

Facebook is preparing it’s own brand of censorship, voter suppression (if you’re conservative), and election interference. I’ve been FB free for about 6 months now and I gotta tell y’all: Life’s better! Sure, I don’t have as much contact with my Mom’s side of the family (which I DO miss); but I also don’t have anger issues from reading stupid shit posted by people that should know better. But don’t get me started.

Looking forward to our crappy Governor, Inslee, (POS) making life harder before he’s replaced. But, I’m also thinking that most of this “pandemic” crap will stop once the election is over. Unless Dems win. Then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! I’d support another revolution.

My Dad

Washington (State) is already 2000% over norms for snow in Eastern WaRshington and  over 1000% snow norms for the northern Cascades. Does NOT bode well for general Wx this winter. Still, I’ve lived in Western WaRshington so long that I prefer snow to rain any day. (And I’m a Southern California boy! The only snow we got as kids was when Dad would drive us up to Mt. Baldy for the day. Then we warmed up at Seal Beach afterwards.) Got to where I can’t stand rain.

So, now that everyone has panicked with the COVID, how are y’all gonna react when the seasonal flu hits? Dipshits.

Oct 16

Pretty Windy Out These Past Few Days

Power has “glitched” a few times well enough for my desktop to reboot. Hate that. Power outages all around us from tree’s taking out the power lines. Joy. After this crappy wx summer and how “fall” is starting out I’m not looking forward to this Winter! Not a bit!

Running MSFSX on that ACEPC.

Otherwise, SSDD. Chores. Got down in my shop and started sanding that board my neighbor gave me. (Lookin‘ good!) Scanning my Aunt’s pictures. Moving things around. Playing on my computers. Keeping SWMBO happy. (Or, not murderously unhappy. She does know where I sleep.)

Oh, saw that Cardiologist again. He said everything is working like it’s supposed to. Told me I have a good heart (for an OLD guy that smoked for 40 years!). So I asked him “Why can I be laying in bed and feel my left leg/foot swell up?” He seemed surprised and immediately blamed in on “vein problems.” Wants to send me to a “vein” Doctor. (I did that last year. No “vein” problems found.) So he disappeared to get me a consult for a “second opinion” and I came on home.


Two things. 1) He could have told me over the phone and saved me the almost hour drive there and the almost hour drive back. 2) I’m ultimately disappointed in this Doctor, his “bedside” manner, and his “off the cuff pretty much instantaneous diagnosis” of “vein” problems without first examining me. Honestly, each time we “talked” he just seemed to want to be somewhere else. I never did get to tell him what was really bothering me and I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually read the forms his office had me fill out.

So, I have a healthy heart that skips beats and I take medication to slow it down so it doesn’t forget to beat. I get minor chest pains and short of breath upon exertion. And, every so often, I’ll be laying in bed and my heart will feel like it’s “fluttering.” But everything’s okay.

Funeral is next week.

Date Day and SWMBO is taking me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food place in Port Orchard.

Oct 11

Screw Daylight Savings. Pick A Time And Live With It.

Was sitting here watching the original “Gojira,” the one before Raymond Massey got spliced in, and I thought: “This’d be the perfect time for Commander Worf to pipe up ‘You haven’t truly experienced Gojira until you’ve seen it in the original Klingon’.”

Y’all ever notice that the rest of the World (and most everyone not in your neighborhood in the States) might as well be Klingon? Nobody understands and everyone’s hostile.  We all need some Romulan Ale and Chill. And Universal Translators.

Back Of The House & Back Yard

I’ve gotten to where I can’t watch the News anymore. It’s not “news.” Everyone’s got an angle. And I’m tired of the BS stories the Liberal rags pass off as “news” to try to get President Trump not re-elected. Mostly straight up lies, misrepresentation, or exaggerations. I’m hoping Trump has a real landslide at the polls so there is NO doubt about how Conservatives feel. Fuck ‘em. (But don’t get me started. Maybe I should start up Redneck Mormon again?)

A little old lady who had lost her marbles was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she ran, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say “Supersex.” She ran up to an elderly man in a wheelchair, flipping her gown at him, she said, “Supersex.” He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered, “I’ll have the soup.”

Not a whole lot going on around here. Had some rain. Had some almost rain. Hear it’s already snowing in the Cascades down to around 5000 ft. Still haven’t got the top section of my tower up.


Looking for a tractor or digger. Probably a tractor with a digger attachment. Struck mini-bulldozer with some attachments is starting to look interesting. Whatever I get will have “skid steer?” attachments. Mostly need a blade, bucket, and box scraper. Digger attachment would get used only occasionally and if I could rent one …

And I like tracks. Had a 1969 JD350 bulldozer and 1999 Nissan mini-excavator once upon a time and just like tracks. You get where you want to go with tracks!

Mah Favorite Screensaver

Oh, tried getting new tabs again. They still haven’t fixed their glitch that won’t let me renew but will still sell me new tabs. So I got another 15 day temp. Y’all think it strange that the State can require you to have tags and tabs then charge you for them? Doesn’t seem not right to anyone? Yet if I require someone to pay me to protect their property it’s extortion. Go figure.

I hate October.