Oct 12

Been About 10 Years (Or So) Since I Checked In On The Science Fiction Book Club

I joined the Science Fiction Book Club way back about 1973 and got 10-12 ‘free’ books but had to order at least 4 more over the next two (or so) years. It was actually quite a commitment as a newly married HM3 making a whole $98 a payday. But we (my future ex- and I) loved to read and we loved to read sci-fi.

I still have some of those books. Most of them; I think. Dragged them along every time I got transferred to a new duty station. Things stayed in boxes for a lot of years.

(Looking back now one has to wonder why we never found a used book store near by or a Barns & Noble (if they existed). We always cleaned out the local Library every where we went. Where the hell did we get the time (my ex- and I) to make 6 kids!?)

But, where I was originally going: I just stopped by sfbc.com and their “join us!” special is your first two books are $9.99 each (each!) and you can add additional books for $11.99 each. And doing a quick browse it looks like they may have an inventory of around 300 books. Maybe.

How things have changed. But I suppose that selling “hardback,” or a physical copy at all, can be challenging today. Even I switched over to a Kindle Paperwhite and have been slowly moving to electronic books. Haven’t bought a hard copy in a long time. Except for Manuals or Ham Radio related books that almost require a hard copy.

And I prefer it that way. WAY easier to move if one has to move. (Not that I have to worry about that. SWMBO has told me many times that I’m going to die in this house. Or Else!) 

Someone needs to make a “book” smell that you can put a drop on the Kindle to at least make it smell right.

Actually, reading was the reason we needed two toilets in the house. Now it’s YouTube.

Hey, they have Killary’s “Hard Choices” listed under History & Military. Should be under Historical Fantasy but what do I know?

Anywho, SSDD around here. Contemplating making a dump run but that depends on how hard it’s raining. Spent way too much time with the Grunts to let a little rain stop me; but it’s sure nice being able to choose to get out in it or not. (Except for walking the dog every morning. He gets grouchy if we haven’t headed out by 0900. New things to sniff. New places to pee. Let’s Go!

Watching YouTube on how to make “schmaltz.” Just because. If the shit really hits the fan I’m going to be a nice guy to have around.

Oct 09

Would Someone PLEASE Port Picasa3 To Linux?!

Cause I haven’t found another program that will organize all your photo’s by lumping together “like” faces and letting you label them as wanted. Otherwise its just a photo organizing program like a dozen other photo organizing programs. Now, if XnViewMP did something like that …

Me @ The Grand Canyon South Rim 1960smething.

Been playing with a site called palette.fm (I think) and it does a good job  of colorizing your old b&w pics, but severely downsizes your uploaded photos. Been checking out a lot of AI sites lately to see what that can do for me. Looking for a Ham Radio AI to play with …

And I’m still up in the air about “colorizing” anyway. There’s a sense of (originality?) about those old black & white photo’s that colorizing takes away (for me).

But I did like the way the MyHeritage (?) site made an old picture of an Uncle that died way before I was born move and look around. That was neat.

Not a lot going on around here, except, I didn’t get a lot of the “Holy Shit Summer’s Ending” things I needed to do actually done. Too busy doing the other stuff. 

Processed 10 lbs each of burger and chicken for the freeze dryer a couple of days ago and those are running through now. Well, the chicken and pork are; the burger will go in next.

My grow-tower experiment downstairs is going okay so far. Need to get down there today and set up the grow lights since yesterday was (probably) the last really nice day of the year. Wx wise, that is. SWMBO’s beets are growing just fine!

Still playing with the Emby media server. Sometimes it’s so slow! Not sure if it’s the Emby or the Terramaster NAS but it gets really frustrating sometimes. And it will “search” forever before coming up with a “media not found” error before finally finding said media. Almost wish I were a programmer sometimes.

Watching this war in the Middle East. Go Israel! Personally I think that if we kill off all the terrorists then we won’t have any more problems with them. If I were younger I’d offer to help. (As a Medic though. Took an oath a long time ago that still applies.)

Anywho, really just checking in. Checking out. Checking it out cause it may be worth checking up on.

Sep 25

Still Alive. Just Busy.

Tried to get all my outside summer is about to end shit done before the rain started.
Didn’t make it. Raining yesterday & today. We really need it though. And now I can get back to the four (4) things I need to do to completely finish off the MILA. (FILA, actually.)
Possible lightning so all my radio’s are unplugged from the antenna’s.
Took SWMBO and the animals to Lake Cushman last Friday for a Date Day Picnic. Her cat slipped it’s leash and disappeared for about an hour. She (SWMBO) got upset when I told her I’d tell folks she lost her pussy in the bush if she didn’t find it. So, new rule: Cat goes nowhere witout a harness.
Bruce Willis. Poor guy.
Watching “The Brain From Planet Arous (1957) Colorized” on Youtube. Say what you want about John Agar movies but he was always busy.