Mar 16

Damn! What A Nice Day!

Didn’t start out that way. Kind of cloudy. But by the time I got to the property the sun was shining and it almost felt warm. Nice!
Damned near killed myself at the property. I need to dig a trench down this one path that’s really kind of steep for my dozer with that heavy-asses backhoe on it. So, I’m going down backwards and the dozer is really tipping backwards and I’m like riding the brake, when my left tread slips down into the septic test hole. Damn, Damn and Damn! Luckily I knew how to use the backhoe to lift the dozer out of that hole! Lucky I had the backhoe attached! By the time I got down to where I need to start the trench that dozer was just leaning too far backwards for me to feel safe working. So I crawled up that hill (powering past the septic hole!), unhooked the backhoe and went back down it smoothing and widening things out. Think I’ll have to hire Bob the Dirt Guy to come out and dig that trench.
Called the Electric people and they’re gonig to resubmit their numbers for how much electricity will cost. Accepted an offer for the Special Inspectors at two-thirds what the first company wanted. Left a message with the Septic guy to see if he’s still interested. Moved some of my son’s stuff from the storage shed to the wood shed (we’ve had his stuff for a year and we were only supposed to have it two weeks!) and moved some of my junk from the back room to the storage shed. Then moved Obnoxious Chair (that’s it’s name!) to the hole I made by moving that other stuff out. Now Kathy’s got room to quilt! (There is a plan to my madness!)
My dd-951 site seems to be really taking off! Cool! I’ve got a dozen people that have signed into the guestbook and several that I’m exchanging e-mail with. I’ve heard from a couple of guys that were on the TJ while I was. Cool! Guess I’ll have to get off my butt and add the rest of the pictures.
Been lazy this evening just sitting around watching tv. Downloading Smallville, Dresden & Dirty Jobs.

Mar 15

Kathy Left For Ohio Today…

Bright and early today! She had to be at the park and ride at 0555 so we got up at 0400 so she could get ready. Her mom is sick so Kat’s going back to help out for a couple of weeks. Me and Poop Dog miss her. Poop Dog’s hauled balls from the yard out back to the front door a couple of times thinking Kathy’s come home.
Went out to the property and pushed dirt around for a couple of hours. Quit when it started raining. Was nice pushing DIRT and not MUD! Gonna have to take my chain saw and chop up some downed trees along the path where I’m going to put in trenches for power/water/cable/phone. Will probably do that tomorrow if it doesn’t rain.
Kat took me to Red Lobster last night. I had my usual: Admiral’s feast. The lobster was good but it just didn’t taste as good as the fried shrimp and crab legs. Think next time we go I’ll get the fried shrimp with a side of crab legs.
Not much else going on. Been installing and playing with a Gallery program for a couple of my web sites. Mostly to get the experience installing and setting up different things. Installed a program called SMF (Simple something Forums). Decided to switch from PhpBBS to SMF ’cause almost every day I was having to log in and kill the spammers. Haven’t had one spammer on the new program. Cool!
Finished the first section of the MySql Weekend Crash Course. I like playing with databases! MS Access has been fun but I’m trying to get away from MS products as much as possible. Switched over to OpenOffice (free) and don’t use MS Office much anymore. Have Aurox 12.0 Linux installed on a drive but I still can’t do everything I’m used to doing in Windows in Linux YET. It’ll happen one of these days! Anywho, thought I’d do the course in MySql before getting into the PHP programming book since I’m probably going to use PHP to use MySql.

Mar 13

Wow! Talk About “Out Of The Blue”…

A guy that used to work for me WAY back when I ran sick bay on the Turner Joy just sent me an e-mail. Joe Hudock, who I remember as a young Hospitalman (HN). He didn’t say much but I answered his message so we’ll see…
Not much happening on the homefront. Raining too much to get out to the property and push dirt around. Me and Poop Dog did get out there for awhile yesterday to start the dozer and let it run a bit. Walked around. Well, I walked around. Poop Dog ZOOMED around the whole time we were there!
Got the guesstimate from PCI on the Special Inspectors; $10,847.00! Phew. That just about puts us out of the building in Mason County category! But, I checked online for land over Thurston County way; nothing available that we could move to. Kathy has to be within an hours drive of a Group Health facility for work purposes. Damn! But I did manage to get the Mayes company to consider submitting a guesstimate. Let’s see what theirs is before going any further.
SWMBO’s been getting ready for her trip to Ohio…

Mar 11

Had To Reinstall This Blog Again!

And I’m starting to get pretty good at it! Wanted to move it to it’s own database.
Bob Child and I have the road ready for gravel. Just as soon as I dig the trenches for power & water, get those installed and refill the trenches. THEN I’ll be able to put the gravel on and finish the road! Cool!