Sep 10

I’m Still Here. Just Busy. Really Busy.

The “rain percentage” you see on the news is called the Probability of Precipitation (PoP). It is a statistical measure of the chance that rain will fall at a particular location within a specified time period. The PoP is calculated by meteorologists using a variety of factors, including the current weather conditions, the forecast models, and the past weather history.

A 60% chance of rain means that there is a 60% chance that rain will fall somewhere within the forecasted area. It does not mean that it will rain everywhere in the area, or that it will rain for the entire forecasted time period. It simply means that there is a 60% chance of rain at any given point in the area.

The PoP is not always accurate. There is always a chance that the rain will not fall as predicted. However, the PoP is a valuable tool for meteorologists and weather forecasters. It helps them to communicate the likelihood of rain to the public and to make informed decisions about weather-related activities.

Here are some other things to keep in mind about the PoP:

  • The PoP is typically calculated for a specific time period, such as 6 hours or 24 hours.
  • The PoP can be different for different locations within the same forecast area.
  • The PoP can change over time, as the weather conditions change.
  • The PoP is not a guarantee of rain. There is always a chance that the rain will not fall as predicted.

If you are planning an outdoor activity, it is always a good idea to check the weather forecast and the PoP. This will help you to make an informed decision about whether or not to reschedule your activity.

No chance of rain around here today. Was nice and sunny and pretty warm out. Warm enough to strip down and go lay out for a few between the things I had to accomplish today.

Which were: Sliced up the two pork loins we bought yesterday into about 30 thick chops (sucker bagged and in the freezer now) with enough of that “not really chop worthy meat at the end” run through the instant pot (with one Dr. Pepper poured in) and shredded for the freeze dryer. All that’s in the freezer now.

The rest of the day was spent turning a 20 lb box of maters into stewed maters. Luckily it’s water bath canning. Made 24 pint jars in total. Every one of them “popped” the first time! Yes, I feel we also need some “canned” and frozen items around for those times we don’t have time to go through the whole “reconstitute” thing. And stewed maters work so much better than freeze dried maters for sauces.

Wow. Doesn’t sound like a lot even if I were to add in that I watered my grapes (which have begun turning purple!). Took me most of the day though. The maters. Not watering the grapes. That took only a few minutes. Nevermind.

Been spending a lot of time (weeks this time!) setting up KODI to be a media server both up here and down in the FILA. Only to find a media server called “emby.” What a nice program! Does pretty much everything I want a media server to do AND I installed it on the Terramaster NAS so any device in the house can tune in. I haven’t run a CAT 6 line to the FILA yet and emby works just fine on the ROKU. No lags at all. Nice. Now I’ve got 3 pi3’s and a pi4 to figure out what I want to do with.

Climbed on the roof a couple of days ago to move the Starlink antenna so I could run the wire through to the living room so the wi-fi would be a bit more centralized; which is why it works so well in the FILA now. I gotta admit that I’M ABOUT TOO FUCKING OLD TO BE CLIMBING ON THE ROOF anymore. Too unsteady on the sloped roof now. Oh, I’ll climb up there again if I need to, but, it might be time to have SWMBO keep an eye on me when I do.

Stuck at 222 lbs for a week now. Which is way better than the 257 I was a couple of months ago; but still: my goal is 200. But I’ve given up about all I’m willing to give up and am doing about all I’m willing to do without becoming an absolute freak about it or hurting myself. I’m changing my life; not “dieting.” It’s a slow process. Didn’t quit smoking in a day! (12 years ago now. Damn!)

Thinking about killing off and since both are costing me a couple $100 a year to keep going. I’m thinking why keep running (backup) blogs no one is reading? Yes, keep the WordPress blog until they kick me out for posting bare tits or expressing ideas contrary to their political beliefs. Already got a 2nd warning from the google blog. Gotta keep the .org mail going for SWMBO though.

So, still here. Busy. Last of summer outside things to do this week.

Aug 20

Well, Hell. AFib kicked in Big Time!

Had a couple of episodes Wednesday night but nothing to really worry about. But by bedtime Thursday night it was constant with no breaks and about 2400 I had SWMBO drive me over to St. Mikes.

Got there at 0100 and after almost 18 hours and a butt-ton of blood draws, injections, tests, and radioactive materials injected and tracked (and a chemical stress test that WAS stressful!), I got to go home. Oh, after a stop at the Navy Hospital pharmacy.

So, what brought all this on. Well, I ordered a refill of the Xarelto and the Rite Aid pharmacy said “sure!” Then they said “Uh oh, we’re out but will order some.” So, two days after I’m completely out Rite Aid pharmacy says “Come on down! We got your meds.”

Cool. Only when I got there they wanted $465 for 30 Xarelto tabs. $465, Not happening.

So, I e-mailed my Doc to please send a Rx for Xarelto to the Navy Pharmacy. For another 3 days I did without and heard nothing. Thus the visit to the ER. Where they found I was low on Potassium (again!) and magnesium. And they found elevated Tropinen; which can indicate either a recent or soon to be heart attack.

Oh, the joy. Off to observation it is then. I got so tired of laying around. I’m really not a laying around type. So I prowled the halls and probably put on a couple of miles. But after all those tests it turned out I was simply (simply) low on Potassium and Magnesium. The 4 more Tropinen tests were inconclusive. Go home.

Via the Navy pharmacy where we sat for an hour waiting on my Rx to be filled.

Once we got home I hit the rack and didn’t get up until 11 hours later. Nice.

Went to the Fly-In at the Bremerton Airport (KPWT) and had a blast today. Got to do a virtual flight in the Air Force booth/trailer and almost crashed my jet. Definitely getting a virtual setup now! Nice seeing the T-28’s in the air. Nice seeing the F8F and P-47 flying and making simulated attacks. Just a nice day out there.

I’m going to bed. If this all seems jumbled it’s cause I’m still tired. Sorry about that.


Aug 09

Basically, The FILA Is Done! Only Took A Little Over 3 Months.

Final inspection, paid the contractor, and his part is done. True, SWMBO and I spent a good part of the day “doing things” (painting doors and putting in grab bars and cabinet door knobs, but, basically, except for waiting on the counter tops to come in, it be done. My father-in-law could move in tomorrow if he’d a mind to.

Woo Woo. Gonna be kind of strange not to have the contractor or crew coming over almost every day. In other words; back to normal. I think I’ll get used to it fairly quickly.

At the meeting this morning I was pretty sure he’d (the contractor) do the numbers (he did) and tell us we owed another $10k or more. He surprised us with $1975 for “extra labor” charges (related to jack hammering the pad out to put the new zero entry shower in) and we were like “Hell, just round it up to $2k and call it good.” Yep, I like coming in $9k under bid but I really didn’t want him to feel cheated. So it worked out. Final total to the contractor: $53k.

Her Dad mentioned on the phone the other day that the pictures tell him that we spent a butt-ton of bucks on this remodel. Why, yes, yes we did.

Place looks GOOD though. We both think it’s been money well spent. SWMBO saved us a LOT of money with her shopping the cabinets and other things and getting great deals. She’s done good and been great through all this.

Stone guys came yesterday and put the bathroom vanity top and sink in. Looking good there too.

SWMBO bought a shit load of silver knobs for the  cabinet doors and a shit load of pull bars for cabinet drawers and we got into putting those in part of today also. Need longer screws for the pull bars or we’re going to be taking all the drawer fronts apart to install the pull bars. Not happening. I’ll go get the longer screws tomorrow.

Having a bit of a time putting the new front door in. Finally got the hinges placed right and the door really closes tight, but, color me shocked, the pre-drilled holes for the lock and knob don’t match the holes already in the door frame from the old door. So I get to figure out how to do that (make new holes that do match) and fill in the old holes. If only I were a carpenter.

The joy. The absolute joy.

I’m so tired. I’m gonna go lay down and it’s only 2100.

Jul 31

Figured Out How To Make My Fortune. And I Only Need To Start A New YouTube Channel.

YouTube For Poopin’

The internet has made it possible for us to do everything from shop to work to watch movies from the comfort of our own homes. But there’s one activity that has been largely overlooked: pooping.

That’s right, pooping. It’s a natural bodily function that we all do, but it’s often seen as something to be rushed through. But what if there was a way to make pooping more enjoyable?

Enter YouTube For Poopin’. This new genre of YouTube videos is specifically designed to be watched while you’re on the toilet. The videos are typically short and funny, and they cover a wide range of topics, from cat videos to celebrity gossip.

So next time you’re feeling the urge to poop, don’t reach for your phone or magazine. Instead, open up YouTube and find a video that will make your time on the toilet a little more enjoyable.

I used to read while sitting there “not doing anything.” (When I was a teen, Dad tacked a poster board with the CW code on it so we’d at least learn that while “just sitting there.”) But, not anymore. Now it’s YouTube all the way. Gotta be some way to cash in on that.

Not a whole lot going on other than construction. Floor and trim got put in before the weekend and it’s looking real good down there.

Did get out and start prepping the area I’m going to plant the new rose bushes for SWMBO. Lots of tree roots to pull up! Rocks to remove! Shit, er, compost to shovel! Beer to drink! Er, Near Beer to drink!

I need to make a dump run and empty the utility trailer. Think I’ll throw the crushed up concrete in the driveway and pretend it’s gravel. That’ll lighten the load some. Probably Monday.

Speaking of which. SWMBO and made another trip to Home Depot an bought all the tiles for the new shower in the FILA, a couple of door handles (not knobs), and two more of those 7.5″ flat LED lights for less than $300. Not bad.

On the way we stopped at Jack In The Box for a quick meal before going shopping (we spend WAY less when we do that) and two simple 3 piece chicken tenders meals set us back $30. We could have had a real sit down meal in a good restaurant for almost that. I’m pretty near not stopping for “fast food” anymore.

Especially since I stepped on my scale this morning and it read 227. Yep. Lost 30 lbs in the last couple of months. I don’t really look different though. Still old and ugly. And I still look fat.

Tuesday: Filled the back of my truck with cardboard from the construction and SWMBO and I took it to the transfer station down the street from us. One job down: 90k jobs to go! Will probably make the dump run tomorrow. Trailer is getting real full.

Wednesday: Who the hell remembers.

Thursday: Shower tile started in the FILA. Cool! I seem to remember working outside a lot. Doing things. Man, this being “retired” shit sure makes one forgetful.

Friday: Date Day! Took SWMBO to the FPH in Port Orchard. Quick stop at Jo Ann’s to pick up a mermaid skeleton ($24). Walmart. We’ve been spending way less than $100/wk for “food” and things. Walmart managed to get $200+ out of us this week. But I did buy a mount for the 45″ tv to go downstairs.

Saturday: SSDD. SWMBO off to the Genealogy Library and me puttering around the house.

Sunday: Today. Wait. Haven’t taken my medicine yet.