Mar 07

New Michelle Obama Sex Tape!

THAT got your attention, didn’t it!? Not that it’s true; thank goodness.

Not much happened today. Checked mail.  Took SWMBO and Poop Dog for a walk. Moved some of my junk from point A to point B. Used the Digger to fill a hole I’d dug the other day. Re-heated the rest of the soup I made for dinner yesterday for dinner today.

Addams Family.

Girl was killed by a Lion in California yesterday after stepping INTO the Lion’s cage. And folks are surprised? Let me clue y’all in: Lion = Large PREDATOR with very sharp claws & teeth. Human = DINNER for Lion.

Donna Reed Show

Been thinking I should start writing: Chronicles of Pern: Last Fall

Wednesday night 2-meter net didn’t happen at all last night. KC7WNJ, net control, couldn’t make it and no one else would. I tried “listening in” several times but no one answered. Ah well…

Leave It To Beaver (Can we still say Beaver?)

Thousand of sharks off the coast of Florida and you KNOW someone is going to go swimming and get eaten. And the next-of-kin are going to be shown crying on TV and bemoaning their fate. What cracks me up is that they’ll be crying because they “miss” the victim when they should be crying for raising such a stupid dipshidiot. (And I’d bet that “closure” will be mentioned a few times! “We wanna kill all the sharks so we’ll have some CLOSURE.”)

Yep, looks like tonight will be just as exciting as today was!