Dec 14

Woke With A Headache

So my day was pretty much shot. I Hate Waking With A Headache!

Took This Of Orion Last Night

It did kinda sorta hurt a bit less around noon so I started putting together the frame to support the new counter tops. Was going to just butt the ends together but decided to make joints (Lap Joints? Dado?). A bit of extra work but I think it’ll be stronger.

But, by 1930 my head was hurting so much I turned the MCARC Sunday Evening 2-meter Chat Net over to KC7WNJ (Roland). Been listening and he’s doing his usual excellent job.

I Got Antenna's Everywhere!

And that’s pretty much it. My head hurts.

Nov 09

Wx Changed Again Last Night

And I’m pretty sure you can figure out how I know. Aside from it raining when I got up this morning I have had this damned headache all damned day. Sucks!


Didn’t win the Lotto last night, SWMBO’s Son still lives in the basement, My Ex- didn’t kick the bucket, affordable Warp-Drive hasn’t been invented, and Aliens still haven’t landed in my back yard, so today is really turning out to be, well, not one of my best. Go figure.


So, mostly I’ve been nursing my head and enjoying a 5th Doctor Who marathon. I am loathe to watch the latest Doctor Who Season Ender. Somehow 12 episodes just don’t seem to be enough.

Of course, the headache started going away just about supper time. Which SWMBO cooked tonight. Broiled steak, baked sweet potato, and corn. Yummy!


Then she sat down and watched the next-to-last Doctor Who with me. Now I’m going to make some popcorn and watch the season ender. Wish me luck!