Jan 12

Cold Saturday! Brrrr….

In case y’all can’t guess: I Hate Cold Weather! With A Passion. ALMOST as much as I hate spammers!


MCARC meeting @ 0830 so I had to be up and out of the house by 0715 so I could stop by the post office in Shelton and get the club’s mail. Meeting went well with 11 people showing up. Cool! Most of the talk was about our repeater and how to get it working as it is supposed to work. (It can get kind of scratchy with distance. Which would be normal except the distance really isn’t that distant.)


Drive to Shelton and back sure was pretty though. Cold and slickery in places but no real problem. Didn’t see any deer this trip. I just love it when they jump out in front of OTHER cars all of a sudden! (Just kidding. I don’t LOVE it…)


Just not much going on around here. Made Chicken-cordon-blu, veggies and some kind of pasta for dinner. SWMBO liked it. Now I’m just going to laze out and watch some of the programs I’ve been downloading and not getting to watch.

Been listening to the radio. Lots of traffic on 17 meters today. Heard folks from all over. Kind of cool to hear a guy in Brazil say “Konechuwa” (sp?) to someone in Japan.