Mar 05


Which started rather earlier than my alarm clock would have had me start it! Woke up well before dawn and could not get back to sleep; so I got up and pretty much started my day. Which didn’t amount to much.

My Mom claimed to have dated the guy in the suit once.

Got the last of the laundry done. Made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. Walked the dog. Checked the mail. Ripped a movie or two. Watched “The Unknown Land” and “The Deadly Mantis.” Read my book while pooping. Smile You know, a regular day! (At *my* age you want to be “regular!”)

The Deadly Mantis-Not as bad as you'd think.

Our son went to ComicCon in Seattle last Saturday and got this:

Sir Patrick Stewart & Brian McClure. ComicCon Seattle 2013

Cool! (SIR Patrick Stewart, of course.)  He also got one with Billy D. Williams & one with Misha Collins.

And that’s about it for today. Have the Chat Net coming up at 1930 on 28.450 USB and ought to get the dishes done. Notice I said “ought to.”