Mar 02

Ok, In A Better Mood Today…

But have a headache developing. Oh Joy!

Let’s see… SWMBO took me to the All-You-Can-Eat Chinese food place over on Bethel for lunch yesterday. Food was good but the company was much better. Then we zoomed out to the Silverdale Mall and walked some of that lunch off. Then back home for SSDD. Smile

Got my new 110 film scanner in yesterday. Had to pick it up at the Post Office cause the box Amazon shipped it in was way too big for our mailbox. They *coulda* put it in a smaller box!


So, spent several hours yesterday, and this morning, scanning all my old 110 sized negatives. Man, some of those pictures haven’t seen the light of day since they were taken! Was only about 1300 110 scans; a little bit more with playing around with the old Kodak sizes. I don’t know how I’m going to easily scan those! Don’t know how I’m going to scan all those large format negatives from High School either. I may have to build something special…


The final scans aren’t the absolute best but more than adequate. Way better (and cheaper)  than having prints made then scanning those. You gotta remember that the 110 sized film can’t gather a whole lot of information/light and anything that small blown up is going to be somewhat grainy. I’m happy with the quality and it’ll be fine enough for archiving purposes.


NMARES meeting went okay last Thursday evening. Actually had 7 people show up. Dang! Lot’s of hoohaha  going on about the club Constitution and By-Laws. Club Officer elections coming up pretty soon. I will NOT be club President any longer! “They” also decided to shut down the club website; just not taking in enough in dues to pay for it. So, I think I’ll port it over to and just pony up the annual domain name charges. They’re also not understanding that the website could notify everyone of when the next meeting is if only they’d subscribe to the posts. They’d rather someone send out an e-mail with that info. Oh well, I guess not all us old guys can clue in on technology! Rolling on the floor laughing


And that’s about it for today. Gotta get some dishes done if I expect us to cook and eat dinner.

Aug 28

What The Heck’s Been Going On, Stan? You Ask…

Mostly pretty much SSDD except for the following:

Thurs the 25th the Ham Radio Club I belong to (NMARES) had their annual picnic at the Allyn Waterfront Park. It went really well. About 30 people showed up; members and visitors from the “other” clubs. Burgers were great! I had to be there early to help set up, and stayed until the end to clean up, but it was a beautiful day so I didn’t mind. Besides, the President of the club should stay for it all.

Friday SWMBO and I went to breakfast at the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard and came back home as we really didn’t have much shopping to do. What little we had to get she could get on the way home from the Genealogy Library Saturday. I did wind up going to MacDonald’s for a Chicken Caesar Salad for her for dinner cause I didn’t feel like making anything. Cheeseburger & fries for me!

Saturday I spent all day at the Allyn Waterfront Park providing emergency communications for the annual Rhapsody Bike Ride. Not just me! Hams from Kitsap through Mason back into Thurston Counties set up “command posts” and roving patrols to follow about 300 “bike” riders along the routes. It was fun and boring but nice and sunny and warm. Even got fed!

Early evening SWMBO and I went to Casper’s Pizza & BBQ here in Belfair for dinner. They make a pretty good pizza! I was still pretty much stuffed from being fed at the bike ride so I could eat only half of my “personal sized” pizza. Ah well. The rest of it is sitting in the refer and I’ll probably finish it off tomorrow as I don’t usually have to fix dinner on Monday’s anyway.

Can’t remember much else going on since I last posted. Mostly just been enjoying this great wx: Sunny and HOT for Warshington. Been just sitting out in the sun a lot. Sun & Heat has been great for out “garden” though. I even have tomato’s turning red!

Did “work” South Korea the other night. That was cool!

Aug 02

Where Does The Time Go? I’m “Retired” DangIt!

Well, lots has been going on even if not much of it is even worth writing about. Things have been mostly SSDD around here even if the weather has been getting better. At least it isn’t raining constantly!

Radio “stuff” is going pretty good. Been talking to Australia & New Zealand, Canada and all over the US. even said my signal has been heard in Denmark a  couple of times. (But I haven’t actually talked to anyone there. Yet.)

Been participating in our local “Nets” on Sunday thru Wednesday evenings. Trying to get my grand-daughter, Lexi, Interested in getting her ticket. She’s been too shy to talk on the radio so far. How to encourage her without discouraging her? (Or seeming pushy.)

Been busy around the house trying to get all my outside stuff done while the weather is not bad. Cut up a tree that I had knocked over a few months ago to put in our garden beds and took the cut pieces over to a friends house that has only a wood stove for winter heating. One more tree to go!

SWMBO made me blueberry muffins the other night using blueberry’s we picked from our own bushes. They was good! Surprised those blueberry bushes have produced this much being only a couple of years old.

Took the digger up and helped a neighbor flatten a place to put one of those canvas covered carports. He’s found a couple of trees he’d like me to push over. I’m pretty sure I can do it, safely, but these are some TALL trees. Not very big around but about 100 feet tall. I have pushed over bigger…

My other neighbor called me over to his house and showed me some Bear Poop in his yard. Dang! Bear is getting brave. It has to go past our other neighbor’s and our house to get to his place. Now we gotta be extra careful to make a lot of noise when we walk around the back of the property. Better than being eaten by a bear!

Oh, still going to both Ham Radio clubs; the one here (NMARES) and the one in Shelton (MC-ARC). Still the Treasurer for MC-ARC. NMARES messed up and voted me their President for the coming year. Really! We’ll see how THAT goes!

So I’ve been trying to get into that without being too pushy and working on the new web site for NMARES. It’s going well, so far. And the web site is starting to look good too.

There’s probably eight hundred and six thousand things I’ve forgotten about that I could probably post about; but I can’t remember them. Probably not very important. We lead pretty boring day-to-day lives around here.

Oh yeah, the garden(s) are doing well. We actually got maters and corn this year! SWMBO’s peas are doing excellent!