Sep 14

Yes. I. Am. A. Whovian.

Really enjoyed this latest episode! The “new” Doctor is sometimes strange. Sometimes just plain Weird. But I think I like him. And Clara Oswald is the best Companion ever!


Pretty normal Sunday so far. Sun’s out but not shining directly on the house yet. Supposed to get up around 80 degrees so maybe I won’t have to get dressed at all today.
Still have a lot of cleaning up to do after the taping & pasting yesterday. I may or may not do that today as it is Sunday and supposed to be a day of rest. (Yeah, right!)


SWMBO brought friends home to quilt and I made dinner for us all. Corned beef & cabbage and mashed potato’s. Was yummy! Letting them take the left-over’s home cause it will not get eaten here. Normally, things sit in our fridge until they make their own gravy (whether they’re supposed to or not) before I throw it out.


And that’s about it. Just wasting time until the MCARC 2-meter Chat Net @ 1930. Guess I ought to check in this week since I am the Net Control…