Lazy, Lazy Sunday. Mostly…

I *did* make the bed, a load of laundry, continued straightening up my radio/computer room and made Bake-B-Q Pork Chops, Veggies, and mashed sweet potato’s for dinner. Other than that a pretty lazy day.


Did some scanning of old negatives that SWMBO found stashed in her sewing closet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a scanner that’ll handle those large negatives from the early 1950’s (or so) so I tried just shoving them through the scanner I have. Got parts of the negatives pretty good but can’t scan the whole thing. We may have to get prints made then scan those…

MC-ARC net went pretty well tonight. Had nine (9) check-ins. That’s more than usual.


Another guy contacted me about coming our to look at the dump truck. Wish I’d get it sold. I could use the bucks!

And that’s pretty much it.

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