Apr 18

Short Post: Doc Says I’m Doing Well …

Since he took me off the Chlorasomethingdone (water pill), and had me take EXTRA Potassium for a few days, now he’s taken me off the potassium completely. AND since my blood pressure is hanging consistently around 110/70 (or less) he’s going to drop my bp meds levels and see how that goes. AND my PSA is smackly in the middle of the Normal range so I don’t have to worry about that particular cancer (for now).

So, Old but reasonably healthy. Still relearning to walk and doing my daily exercises (which hurts) but slowly getting back to “normal.” Whatever “Normal” is? My normal is pain. Still. So, SSDD but the prognosis is good. Doc says I’m doing pretty good.

SWMBO took me out looking for a box scraper and dinner tonight. Got KFC ($32 for two 3-piece chicken strip dinners and soda’s!!!!! so we won’t be stopping there again anytime soon (if ever)) which we ate on the Port Orchard waterfront. Was nice.

Box scrapers at the tractor store are $1099 and come in a shitty orange/yellow color I’d swear I’ve seen in way too many full diapers. I’m thinking that the $1100 box scraper at the place I bought my tractor at least comes in the same blue as my tractor is. That’s worth a buck!

Apr 11

How My $280 alignment/brake adjustment turned into a $1407 New Tire Odyssey

But, maybe, you don’t want to know. Ah well.

Yesterday I dropped by Les Schwab to get my brakes checked; since I’d previously gotten a box on my dash display saying “Check Your Brake Rotor.” That’ll be $140 please.

The guy working on my brakes came to me and said “You need to see this.” The inside edge of both my front tires were worn right down to mid-2nd ply. (2nd ply? Inner ply? Whatever is just before blowout.) So, damn.

Alignment: $140 just so happens. Which should be done or any tires put on the front of my truck will wear the same.

So, today: $1407 for 4 brand new all terrain tires.

And I had just paid the new fridge off.


Otherwise it’s still mostly SSDD around here. Leg is slowly getting better. Trying to get outside stuff started.

Did pull my garden towers out of the FILA and up to the garden area behind the house. Got “stuff” planted in it. The Wx is keeping it watered. For now.

Oh, my blood test the other day showed I was low on Potassium so the new Doc has me taking ‘extra’ potassium. Fasting blood test slated for tomorrow to see if that’s helped any.

BUT, my blood pressure has been right around 110/76 for the past couple of weeks, today it was 106/68, so I’m thinking that maybe I’m getting away from needing the bp meds.

Man, that would be nice.

And in case y’all were wondering: SWMBO is as beautiful as ever.

Apr 06

Was Gonna Post But I’m SO Tired!

I’ve walked a couple of miles today on top of everything I ‘usually’ do and am bushed! It’s only 2010 but I’m hitting the rack.

Saw my new (to me) Doc today. He seems stand-off-ish and doesn’t make eye contact often or for long. But he seems to know what he’s talking about. We’ll see. I’m sick of training a new Doc every couple of years.