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Dec 02

I’m Looking Forward To A Rain Shadow. Rain Shadow RainShadow. Skipping & Hopping In A Rain Shadow. Rain Shadow RainShadow.

Soon you’ll sign in with 2-Step Verification

After you enter your password, you’ll complete a second step on your phone. Keep your phone nearby when you sign in. 2-Step Verification will be turned on automatically on December 8. You can turn this on sooner if you want — your account is all set.
And you WILL do this even if you don’t want to, well, because. We said so. And it’s OUR ball so you have to do what we tell you or we’ll go home and not let you play at all. (And we love telling you what you WILL do.)
Got my new Raspberry Pi 4b last night and put it in that fancy new case I bought. Loaded up KODI and got that all set up. Only to have to reinstall raspian (or whatever they’re calling it this month) because KODI would NOT let me go to a prompt and do the install things for the fancy new case to run the fan and do the smart shutdown thing. So I figure to install the plain OS (raspian or whatever) then do the upgrade/install then install KODI on top of that.
When I’m not accidentally deleting my boot partition I can be a pretty smart fella. Sometimes. Don’t get SWMBO started.
Walk was pretty nice this morning. No rain but lots of wind. Some of the young trees out in the field were really bending in the breeze. My apologies to Cat Stevens.
Not a whole lot else going on. Mail run. Laundry. Working the new Pi. Puttering around the house. Think I’ll take the Dog for a tour of the back 40 and get our feet wet.

Quote from the Victory Girls Blog: …as Dr. Jordan Peterson tweeted: (About the Omicron variant of the covid)

“The “variants” will supply a never-ending supply of reasons to extend lockdowns, vaccine mandates and punitive measures as mutation occurs and what constitutes a new variant arbitrary.”

So this, my friends, is how totalitarianism starts.

But it doesn’t do me any good to post anything about it. So I’ll just hunker down and hope that Fauci and the Brandon Administration all get their just desserts. Drug into the street and run over by a bus load of illegals would be my preferred method. But I’m a Redneck.

Dec 01

Talk About A Dipshit Thing To Do!

Put a USB drive in that I needed to delete some partitions on and reformat. Started up “Discs” (Linux) and deleted the first partition. Except, WRONG FREAKIN’ DRIVE! Fuck!

So, I deleted the boot partition on my regular hard drive.

Ouch! Triple Ouch!

Tried rebuilding it but won’t know how that went until I reboot. Which I’m NOT doing until I either HAVE TO or feel in the mood to rebuild every damned thing from scratch.

That’s 5 pages of programs that I use all the time. Which means downloading (sudo apt install ——-) and running the install. Thunderbird: 2-3 hours. VMWare Player: hour. Firefox and remembering my “sync” logins and actually syncing: hour. Everything else as I get to them: Day. Or two. Downloading, compiling & Installing MakeMKV: 2 hours.


Backup? You ask.

Yep. In your shorts backup.

This is just page one.
I’m getting too old for this shit.
Building another Pi to be a file server. Fun!
I’m a glutton for punishment!

Nov 29

Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”-Malcolm Forbes

Amended with: As long as your independent thinking matches my independent thinking OR ELSE!

Ya know, I got to thinking about that pizza place SWMBO and I went to yesterday afternoon/evening here in Belfair. There and a lot of other places I’ve noticed that they want you to “tip” for taking your order. Pay extra just for taking your order. NOT actual service or anything; just to take your order. Up front before even starting your order that you’re being asked to tip for the taking of.

Just seems wrong to me. I paid last night because, not sure, caught by surprise? Afraid they’d spit in my food if I didn’t? I don’t know. But I do know I won’t next time. No more “You must tip me for doing my job (in a surly manner last night) and taking your order.” Y’all want a tip? Tell me to go sit down and BRING my order without spilling it or slamming it on the table.

The waitperson at FPH deserves (and earns) my tip WAY more than the person asking “Whatchawant?” and punching it into the register. Gee, you did that really really well! Here’s $5! No, don’t do it again cause I know it was tiring. Goddamned excellent finger control though!


And I know all y’all are going to say “But, Doc. That’s for the cooks and cleaners and the servers all.”

So, what if I don’t like the food made, the film on the table, or the surly service? Too late! I’ve already paid the tip.

But it was good pizza.

Anywho, not a butt-ton of stuff going on around here. Took SWMBO to church today. Took my mask off to sing and did a much better job of it. Figured they couldn’t yell at me too much seeing as how we’re in church and all. (And I love dirty looks!)

Rained all day! Dog and I still did our walk. Cause that’s the way we roll.

Joined the “Wondrium” put on by “The Great Courses” cause even thought ALL their digital courses are “on sale” for $30 (or less) EACH (not the whole collection as one) it quickly (oh so quickly), on the first page of the catalog, added up to well over the annual membership price ($120). So, for $120 I get to watch every course they have, plus stuff from other “learning type” sites that have joined Wondrium. That’s just cool to me.

So I’ve been watching “Natures Power Revealed” the past couple of hours.

Nov 28

If The People Rittenhouse Shot Were White, I Bet He Would Have Been Convicted

Liberal thinking and knowledge of “the facts” at it’s best.

I used to build and repair computers for folks. Got out of it cause I got tired of “It broke and you HAVE to fix it and I’m not paying.” But, you used it for 5 years without problems! “Doesn’t matter. You were the last one to work on it so it’s your fault.”

Nope. Got out of the biz because most “customers” suck at being customers.

Still love building computer’s though. Can’t afford it now; but still enjoy it. Now, pre-built is cheaper and you can always personalize it how you want it still fairly inexpensively.

I’ve been working on this for 3-4 days now. Once SWMBO got home and we “got back to normal” (whatever the hell normal is) there just isn’t much to post about.

Thanksgiving went well. Well, after SWMBO’s son dropped the punkin pie while getting it out of his truck. He was tired though; after working his night shift at Amazon before coming to dinner.

The Turkey was outstanding if I do say so myself. I will probably always Instant Pot my turkey from now on. (Unless SWMBO wants it otherwise, of course.) Tasty, Tender, and not too dry. (Which always surprises me: dry meat that’s been pressure steamed. Go figure.) The rest of the meal was pretty good too except why would anyone mix pineapple in their mashed sweet potato’s? That’s both weird and wrong.

Took SWMBO to Red Lobster (her choice) for her birthday yesterday. You don’t want to know what that cost but a family of 5 in Haiti could eat for a month on that… Probably. But she’s worth it.

And, today we have the Appraiser coming by at 1400 or so to get that out of the way.

Been “building” a raspberry Pi as an ad-blocker using a program called “Pi-Hole.” Interesting. It’s supposed to be your DNS server and knows what (ads) to block. Cool. So far it hasn’t stopped YouTube commercials though…

Really slowed my tablet down when accessing YouTube, but, otherwise you can’t tell it’s there in the background watching all your online activity.
Also made it a print server (CUPS) and moved the printer into the big room. Just because I could.
Put together another Pi as a media server (KODI) for the RV. Even bought a fancy case to put it in so it doesn’t look like just a bunch of wires hanging around. (That’ll be here Sunday if Amazon can be believed.) Gonna try to make the wireless access point for the RV next.
Still have 3 Pi’s to use for other things. (Oops. Four. Forgot the now useless dedicated print server that I just replaced with the pi-hole/print server.)
Raining out so I got to burn trash.
Seems the Salvation Army: asks white donors to “lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed. I bet I can never donate to or use their stores again. How’s that for repenting? Dipshits.
The latest Appraiser came this afternoon. Nice guy. Friendly. Took a couple of hours to do his thing.
So I took SWMBO to the Pizza place in town for dinner. Good pizza. Surly service. Surly enough to make me not go back? Not sure. Good pizza.
Fancy case came in. I have the wrong model Pi AND the wrong type of connector for the little HD. So, looks like SWMBO gets to buy me some more “stuff” for Christmas!