It’s Warming Up Around Here!

Saturday: SWMBO went off to the library and I went to the property. Working in the direct sunlight was kind of warm. Warm enough to take off my coat. That’s a first for the year!

Sunday: Church started at 1300 today. Gave Phillip down the road a ride to and from. The choir sang a really pretty song. Went out to the property late and did a couple of hours of moving dirt around. The road is looking pretty good! Was nice out there.

Bought Collectorz.Com’s Book database program and a bar-code scanner. Of course I get to use the program right away and the scanner will come in the mail. Exported all the data from my Access Database and imported it into the Book Collector. Still lots to do to get all the information in it.

Damn! Is it really that close to being the end of the month? Where does the time go? At least the weather has been a bit warmer lately.

Just been sitting around watching movies and making another time-lapse of clouds. Got some neat looking clouds this time. But the time-lapse movie is over 4 minutes long. And the file itself is over 180 mb. Don’t think I’ll be able to upload this one to my site!

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