Not A Normal Saturday

Well, SWMBO just called. They’re transferring her this afternoon (Saturday) to the hospital in Seattle for the Pulmonary Rehab part of her treatment. UNFORTUNATELY they aren’t allowing visitors; but we’ll work on that. FORTUNATELY she’s in much better shape (talking in whole sentences) than most of the patients they get. So, hopefully, her visit will be shorter.

SWMBO says she doesn’t want me to raise a ruckus. So I won’t. Probably. Honestly, the separations we experienced in the Navy (with the Marines) were longer (so far) and a bit harder cause we had to wait until we could find a phone to call. IF we could find a phone to call. (Connections from Saudi were a bit more flaky back then. And we had NO video calls at all.) But I still don’t have to like it.

Yeah, if we’d had cell phones in Desert Storm … Or while at sea when I was aboard the USS Turner Joy (DD-951); although that was with a different wife (and several years earlier) completely. Back when cell phones were called “The Brick” for a reason.

So we (the Dog and I) spent the day just puttering around the house and getting some things done. Not much; but some. Was kind of nice out when the sun was shining so we sat out some too. But I’d have to be honest and say we didn’t really accomplish anything except a load of laundry today.

Broiled a pork chop slathered with BBQ sauce, boiled some corn on the cob, and had a Caesar(?) salad for dinner.

Social worker at St. Michael’s called about 1600 to tell me SWMBO was going to be transferred to Kindred in Seattle this afternoon. It’s 1800 so she should just be arriving. She said she’d call when they got her settled.

And that’s our day.

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