Serious, Serious Case Of SSDD…

Around here. But, yesterday noon or so, (S)he (W)ho (M)ust (B)be (O)beyed (SWMBO) took me to lunch at the Mall in Silverdale. Which means we walked the mall afterwards like the Old Guy I am. And we stopped by Jo Ann’s Fabric on the way home. (She had things to do at home or we’d have made our usual stop at Safeway.)

Other than that just not much going on. Especially today. Wx never did get over being “only fair.” Spent a lot of time making slideshows of some of our pictures to include on a disc for her Uncle. Hope he likes them!

Thank You Motion Picture Production Code! (a-holes)

The Son cooked meatloaf, taters & veggies (and salad) for dinner. (Well, he didn’t COOK the salad; but you know what I mean!) So once I got the dishes done I was pretty much done for the evening.

Young Bardot

And that is as up-to-date as I can bring y’all. Boring! (But I like boring. Mostly.)

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