Just Nothing Happening. Again.

Which is why I don’t post some nights. OR I just forget until it’s too late to actually do any thinking. OR I don’t want to think of the day. Could be any of a number of reasons.


But, like I already mentioned, just nothing going on around here. Oh, my “cold” comes and goes and sometimes my nose really is runny; and other times not so bad. I’m sure y’all have had a “cold” or two and know how it is.


Still picking SWMBO up at the Ferry Terminal @ around 1950. Almost hit 3 deer (at different points along the road) yesterday on my way to pick her up. Hate that! Not the biggest hazard on the road (you should see the potholes on our dirt road!), but quite dangerous to modern cars/trucks. I remember my Dad having an old ‘58 Buick that could probably have taken out any number of deer, a couple of moose’s (Meese?) and 10 or 12 fat-assed Congressmen with no trouble at all.


Other than that, just trying to keep busy. Still looking for work. Would accept a part-time position right about now. Sometimes I think I’d like to get a job traveling around and teaching something. Maybe I ought to head off to Japan to teach “American!”

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