Well. I Be Ready For Another Trip.

I was just looking at the pictures I took on our trip to Eastern WaRshington last April. The first trip with the new Caravan. And, while I do enjoy the pictures of the landscapes and dramatic, nay, majestic, cliffs, caves, and gorges, I notice that Every picture of my lovely young bride of almost 30 years brings a smile to my face. Every one. How I got her to share our lives is still a mystery to me.

So, she needed our Marriage Certificate/License for something at work and I sent the .pdf to her. Then I noticed:


I maintain that we’re only married in Ohio; and only for 60 days. SWMBO maintains something completely different! Having been with her these past almost 32 years, I know that if I’d like my Balls to stay where they are (attached. To me) I’d better change my belief system fast.


Did a lot outside today as it was nice and sunny and hot again. We don’t get enough of those days around here. Worked on SWMBO’s rose trellis some. Trimmed branches hanging into the driveway. Trimmed the Azalea bushes. Gathered up all the clippings. Even started collecting rocks from the yard again for my “rock garden” up next to the house. Damn, I can be productive on a nice day!

I’m thinking that, instead of running a long wire from the Caravan battery to where I want to mount my radio, maybe I can tap into the wires coming off the back of the invertor thing. It’s gotta be connected to the battery somehow to charge it. Then I would have to figure out how to run under the floor across to the cabinet and up to where I want it.


And that’s it again. Playing with that SDR Dongle until bedtime. Which is shortly for this old guy.

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