It Rained All Danged Day!

Sunday I had a headache that lasted until Monday morning. Didn’t get a whole lot of sleep Sunday night into Monday morning either. Haven’t had one like that in a long time and have no idea what brought it on this time. Except the Wx did change.


Monday was a pretty normal day. Except I was really tired from not getting much sleep. Tuesday has been a normal day. So far.

And, yes, we spent our $4 on Powerball tickets just in case. Got behind a lady in line that spent $100 bucks on Powerball tickets. That’s just plain stupid, to me. Oh, I’ll waste a buck (usually) if the lotto goes over $100 million; but that’s usually my max.


I have absolutely no idea what I’d do if we won. Other than the heart attack, that is.

Skirted an accident when driving to pick SWMBO up. Raining. Car came across the line and made a left turn right in front of me. At first he couldn’t decide if he was going to make the turn or not; but did it anyway. Dipshidiot!


But, picked her up and we made it home safely. That’s Good!

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