I Finally Admit That It May Be Time I Just Quit …

This morning I cooked an entire tube of Jimmy Dean Sausage. Sliced it all into patties and fried them up just perfect.

Gonna try freeze drying them, you know. Except for that one I had with my egg & tater patty.

SWMBO mentioned (well, reminded me) on her way out to go do her tour of the Genealogy Library that she doesn’t eat sausage patties but does like those sausage crumbles we used to get from Thrive Foods.

So, hell, no skin off my nose. So I “crumbled” them and put them on a tray of burgers I also grilled this morning (In the rain I might add) specifically to try freeze drying. (I gotta stay off YouTube.)

Day went by. Did things around the house. Burned garbage even.

SWMBO came home and I really didn’t feel like cooking anything else today so I took her to Taco Bell. Then off to WinCo where we dropped a C-note on “stuff” (about half are things we plan to freeze dry).

Got home and (I don’t know why) I started looking for the dozen sausage patties I cooked this morning. I think I wanted to put them in the fridge.

Searched high. Searched low. Even searched the fire pit “just in case.” Not in the freezer. Not sitting out on a shelf or a counter. Not anywhere!

Until about 2100 when I looked in on the Freeze dryer to be sure it at least appears to be working. Saw an “extra” tray of burger. I didn’t put 3 trays of burger in there.

Yep. You can figure out the rest from here.

I’m going to bed.


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