Sep 15

While The World Burns …

Firm raises $15m to bring back woolly mammoth from extinction

The project is framed as an effort to help conserve Asian elephants by equipping them with traits that allow them to thrive in vast stretches of the Arctic known as the mammoth steppe. But the scientists also believe introducing herds of elephant-mammoth hybrids to the Arctic tundra may help restore the degraded habitat and combat some of the impacts of the climate crisis.

Wonder how they taste BBQ’d. I’d be like Fred Flintstone and his grill.

Condom ‘stealthing’ is a vile practice. California is right to ban it

…a phenomenon that 12% of women say they have experienced, and that 10% of men say they have perpetrated, but which for years has had no legal recognition and no name other than the one given to it by its practitioners: “Stealthing”, the non-consensual removal of a condom.

Would “It just slipped off!” be a defense?

Lake Tahoe ski resort changes name to remove racist and misogynistic slur

The resort, known as Squaw Valley since 1949, will be called Palisades Tahoe, the business announced on Monday.

Damn! Now I gotta go and relabel all those pictures I took in 1970!

‘I’d rather be alone’: the influencers pushing for ‘relationship minimalism’

A group of young people are not only eschewing excess material items, but also meaningless relationships and ‘emotional clutter’

Actually, the longer one is married one kind of falls into this naturally …

Biden says California voters will “get Donald Trump” if they vote Newsom out

President Biden told California voters at a Long Beach rally in support of Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election, that the eyes of the nation are on the Golden State as it makes a decision that will “reverberate around the world,” and warned “you either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor or you’ll get Donald Trump.”

Right now, that’s not such a bad idea for California. (And the rest of the country.)

House Democrats propose top 39.6% tax rate at these income levels

That rate, an increase from the current 37% levy for the wealthiest taxpayers, would kick in for single individuals with taxable income over $400,000, according to a legislative outline issued by the House Ways and Means Committee on Monday.

It would also apply to married individuals filing a joint tax return whose taxable income exceeds $450,000; to heads of households over $425,000; to married individuals filing separate returns over $225,000; and to estates and trusts over $12,500.

Not that I’d even have to worry about it (cause I’ll never be “rich”), but, they already pay 37% for being successful. Something is wrong with that.

It bothers me that the local Government raises my taxes on the value of my house; then hires the appraiser that comes out to guess how much my house is worth. And that outside decks are taxed as “living” space. And that if I want to change the size of the deck (or change a window size/placement) I require the County’s permission.

60 percent support Biden vaccine mandates: poll

… more than 8 in 10 Democrats support the mandates, as do around 60 percent of independents. Only about 30 percent of Republicans, however, support the mandates.

I’m willing to bet the “poll” was taken in the office among the employees present and represents only about 8 people. And those “Republicans” are wrong to support any mandate.

Obamas, Bushes and Clintons teaming up in effort to aid Afghan refugees

The Presidents’ club is teaming up to aid in a massive, bipartisan effort to welcome and support Afghan refugees that is being launched Tuesday.

Because, God forbid they should do anything for Americans. Don’t get me started.

Milley Took Steps To Prevent Trump From Launching a Nuclear Strike After Jan. 6: Report

…According to the book, Milley “single-handedly took top-secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons.”

Milley promised the Chinese he would tell them if President Trump ordered an attack against them. In other words: This Piece Of Shit General Milley committed treason. (But how much y’all want to bet he never gets even accused of it.)

And that’s it. Made a run to the bank, spend too much money at Home Depot, and made a stop at the WinCo for some things I was out of. Spent some time moving things around in the garage and putting the new sub flooring down. Was fun!

Sep 13

Bought “Bread Machine Baking”

Only to find NO recipes for Baked Chicken at All. What kind of BS is this? Can you bake with the bread machine or not? Good thing it was only $.35 at the junk store. I may even try some of the breads in it.

Finding that things don’t taste as they usually do. Like grabbing a hand full of blackberries while out walking the Dog. None but the really unripe have any taste lately. Even my treasured Turkey Breast sandwich, slathered with mayo on a hamburger bun, doesn’t have the zing it usually has.

So, adding to the constant fatigue and persistent cough I now cannot really taste my own cooking. Oh, The Horror.

From our Gubbermint:

Cough in the post-COVID syndrome

An increasing number of reports describes an array of fluctuating or persistent symptoms experienced by patients for months after recovery from COVID-19. Symptoms include cough, fatigue, dyspnoea, pain, and so-called brain fog (cognitive impairment, including confusion and memory loss), and are associated with a deleterious effect on activities of daily living., , This phenomenon has been termed the post-COVID syndrome or long COVID.

So, lots to look forward to I guess.

Was drizzly on our walk this morning. Good! We actually need rain right now. Of course, by November I won’t care to see another drop of rain ever.

SWMBO’s Doc called me today to give me an update on her. About the same as she said yesterday during our video call. He really liked the idea of our video calls. Says they may help her stay motivated. Says there is reason for good hope but don’t go overboard about it. She could suddenly take a turn for the worse. Which we know. But I like to believe she also could take a sudden turn for the better. One can only hope. And take the meds and do what the Doc says.

Sep 09

I Like My Cell Phone

When it works right I can have a video call with my Schweetie in the hospital; like I did today. At other times I get tired of that damned “Your phone is not registered on a network so you can only make emergency calls” message I get (a lot!) when I try to initiate a call to said Schweetie.

Yesterday the Wx Weenies said there was a chance of Thunderstorms here today before 0800. Didn’t happen. Other Wx Weenie said it was supposed to be a LOT cooler starting tomorrow. Looks to be in the low 70’s; which ain’t that cool around here. So me and the Dog have been taking off all our clothes and going about our day enjoying these waning days of summer. Even after 12 years it’s still a nice walk around the back of the property. Think I’ll put in a couple more paths next summer.

Gotta admit: Having been paying too much attention to the News lately; what with other things on my mind and all. But it seems to me that the Democrats are getting kicked in the teeth a lot lately; what with Biden being such a shitty President and all. Fauci might finally get his comeuppance. Doubt it but one can dream. Anyone else upset that our lives have been totally fucked over by another Democrat Liar? Unfortunately, not enough of us to make a difference.

The Republicans lack balls and half are women. Approximately. But don’t get me started.

What with the love-of-my-life being ill and all, it had me thinking what my life would be like around here without her. Mostly the same but intensely lonely. The day-to-day shit wouldn’t stop; I just wouldn’t have the chance to stop and give my schweetie a smooch or look in on what she’s doing. Which is the main reason we haven’t “spread out” throughout the house (ie: me and my radio stuff in the daylight basement and her on the main floor with her sewing room). Nice to visit with her during the day.

I wouldn’t know what to do with her sewing room either. When we first moved in I convinced her to use the Master Bedroom for her sewing room. Attached bath an all! We use the smaller bedroom as ours. Much less space to chase her around in. (Cause I’m at that age now where the longer I have to chase, the better chance that nothing will happen BUT heavy breathing when I finally do catch.)

Anywho, SWMBO promised she’d call again this evening and I got things to do before hand.

Sep 06

New Sunday.

My Schweetie is going to be in that hospital 3 weeks! Three. Weeks. Damn.

Seems the antibiotics are to take care of any bacteriological issues before they can start giving her some other medications that make bacteriological infections go bug fuck crazy. Something with steroids in it, I think. So, as long as she doesn’t just give up and give in she should be home by the end of the month. She’s also on High (speed or volume) Oxygen for awhile.

I don’t think we’ll be making our planned trip to Mississippi and Ohio this late September – early October. That trip will be put off until next spring. Maybe.

So, the Dog and I have to figure out just what the hell we’re supposed to do around here all by ourselves for the next 3 weeks. SWMBO knows not to leave me alone with the shopping cart (a whole lot of We Need This goes on) or home alone with a hammer. Last time she did she came home to find the fridge moved to another wall and the original wall missing. (And the cabinet that was where the fridge went was moved to a completely new wall space.)

Sometimes it’s easier to ask forgiveness.

She just called and said I could bring her phone to her tomorrow. Cool. Won’t be able to actually visit with her, but, oh well. Whateryagonnado?

Well, did it again. “Took a nap” turned into my first night in months I pretty much slept from 2230 to 0700 without getting up to pee even once. Unusual!

SWMBO was kidding me yesterday about being able  to turn up the sound on my movies without having to worry about her being overloaded. Tested that out last evening with “Godzilla” (2014) and the “sound bar” turned on. Man, that bass! Surprised the neighbors didn’t come over and tell me to shut that shit off! (Or, good thing they’re about half a click away.)

Took SWMBO’s phone to her at the hospital. They made me sanitize my hands and change to one of their masks to hand the bag to the girl at the desk. Dipshidiots.

Stopped and got some things at the WinCo on the way back. Forgot sugar. Probably have enough for a week but hate getting down to the wire. Speaking of which: My “miles to go on the fuel you have left” meter it just changed to “LOW” when I started the truck. Made it to the Safeway gas though. Put in $70 and still didn’t fill it. $3.85/gal with $0.10/gal “discount.”

Noticed they had the “fly-in” at the Bremerton Airport as I drove past. Unfortunately, by the time I passed by again they’d started packing up and leaving. So I missed it again. That’s like the 3rd year in a row now. I don’t mind missing Belfair Bites (A Taste Of Belfair) but I really enjoy the fly-in.

SWMBO called. She’s doing well. Glad of that.