Talk About A Dipshit Thing To Do!

Put a USB drive in that I needed to delete some partitions on and reformat. Started up “Discs” (Linux) and deleted the first partition. Except, WRONG FREAKIN’ DRIVE! Fuck!

So, I deleted the boot partition on my regular hard drive.

Ouch! Triple Ouch!

Tried rebuilding it but won’t know how that went until I reboot. Which I’m NOT doing until I either HAVE TO or feel in the mood to rebuild every damned thing from scratch.

That’s 5 pages of programs that I use all the time. Which means downloading (sudo apt install ——-) and running the install. Thunderbird: 2-3 hours. VMWare Player: hour. Firefox and remembering my “sync” logins and actually syncing: hour. Everything else as I get to them: Day. Or two. Downloading, compiling & Installing MakeMKV: 2 hours.


Backup? You ask.

Yep. In your shorts backup.

This is just page one.
I’m getting too old for this shit.
Building another Pi to be a file server. Fun!
I’m a glutton for punishment!

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