Proposed Class Action Suit Against “Telebrands”: $ 5,000,000,000.00

For unethical and unfair marketing practices. For not giving the public a way to leave them a message complaining about the crappiness of their products and (most importantly) for not giving us a way to ‘opt out’ of their damned spam-mail. Anyone Agree?
Things been going well. Passed the EcoEngineer report on where our dome is going to physically sit. Been working for Bob (The Dirt Guy) the past couple of days spreading gravel and breaking septic pipes. Dozer is up and running and I just have to change all the fluids in it to make it just right. Thinking of selling it but I’m not sure if I’m going to need it later or not. SWMBO and I went out to “Fat Rascal’s” for dinner last Friday evening. I had the fried catfish. Yummy! Went shopping yesterday instead of our usual after date stop. And that’s about it…

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