If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another!

Yesterday I made up my mind to pony up the $1100 for a box scraper for the tractor. I can really use it and it won’t take long for me to “pay off” if I make up my mind and stick to it. (I would. Both.)

THEN, just before bedtime last night I reached into the fridge for some cold water, and, no light.

Wait. What?

Turns out half my kitchen is dark. Checked the electric box and no circuit breakers are popped. None of the GFI’s are popped. WTH?

So I spent a good 10 minutes hunting down a short extension cable and pulling the fridge out from the wall and running the extension cord literally 2.5 ft to a working outlet. Fridge contents saved.

Calling around today I finally found an electrician that can come out EARLY Thursday morning to check it out. Oh, BTW, that’ll be $250 just for showing up. And it only goes UP from there!

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