Sci-Fi Channel. You BASTARDS!

I hated to see the end of the Battlestar Galactica series last March; and really hated that it wouldn’t be restarting until Jan 08, but now I see the commercial for the next season and it says it won’t be starting until MARCH 08. You Bastards! Waiting nine months was bad enough but now you put it off until March. You Bastards!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor was most excellent! It was a gas to see the old cylons and their fighters. And Admiral Kane lip locking her own number 6. Cool! I still think this is the best series on TV. Gritty. Realistic. Believable. Cool!

Catching up: Thanksgiving was pretty nice. Our son, Brian, came over for dinner (well, I picked him up and took him home) and my brother-in-law Robert was aboard for awhile. (Don’t get me started!)

Friday noon I took SWMBO for a late breakfast at the Family Pancake House in Port Orchard. It’s always nice being out with her! Then at 1600 I had a Doctor’s appointment to drain this bursitis on my right elbow. He did pretty good. Got about 30 cc of fluid out of the thing. They also did a throat culture for my sore throat (negative) and generally checked me out. I have some form of pharyngitis and should take my antihistamine and keep my mouth shut for awhile. Okay.

Mostly sat around today. Not feeling well. Took my antihistamine and felt rotten all day. Damn, that stuff isn’t supposed to cause drowsiness! Did manage to start up my digger and run it awhile to keep the battery charged and things lubricated. Stocked wood in the house for tonight (supposed to get cold!). Accidently threw a rock through our front window playing with the dog so I have to fix that. Damn! I sure can be klutzy at times. What a dork.

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