Rain Indeed!

Started snowing about 1500. It’s now 1830 and we have a good 2 inches accumulated out there. At least, I think it’s good. Better than rain if you ask me. (Note: Another hour and we’ve had another inch or so out there. Cool!)

Pretty normal first Sunday of the month for me. Spent the day at home getting stuff done that I haven’t done that needed to be done cause I haven’t done it. Okay, I’m done…

Israel is kicking Butt! Good! Watching the news this morning I was amazed by the number of folks gathering to protest Israel’s bombing of Palestine & the Hamas "forces". What I don’t remember was anyone gathering to protest the Hamas shooting missiles into Israel and killing whoever was where the missiles hit. I don’t remember anyone paying any attention when Israel filed official complaints with the United Nations (and I think the World Court) but when the downtrodden Terrorists Hamas complain it’s "We’ll get right on it." Talk about two faced! And isn’t it funny that the Palestinians allow the Hamas to do that, but still expect to be able to cross the border to the jobs they have in Israel? The soul purpose of the Hamas is the destruction of Israel. Probably backed by most of the other Muslim country’s in that area. And we’re supposed to feel sympathy for them? I say: Bomb The Hell Out Of Them, Israel! Kick their asses until they know without a doubt that they can’t safely fire more missiles into your country.

Just noticed that the U.N. issued a "strong rebuke" about the fighting in Gaza. I wonder if they ever issued a "strong rebuke" to the Hamas for lobbing missiles into Israel and killing civilians? The United Nations is a joke left over from the Cold War and they reiterate that every time they open their mouths. Can anyone cite anything the U.N. has done in the past 40 years that has turned out well? Anyone? Anything?

On a lighter note (I Hope. Kinda Sorta): How about that guy in Connecticut that bought a winning lotto ticket then died of a heart attack? Damn! I’ll bet his wife thinks "That was awful considerate of him."

Headline: Travolta, Preston heartbroken over son’s death: My response: No Shit.

Headline: Australians angry over bid to ban topless sunbathing. I’m fairly pissed about that myself!

I’m outta here!

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