Well, Hell. It’s All The Same.

My 57th Birthday came and went without much fanfare last Saturday. SWMBO did take me out to dinner last Friday evening at "El Sombrero’s" (my favoritist and closest to real Mexican Food place in the great northwest). And other than that just plain not much going on.

Last Saturday (aside from being my birthday) we went to COSTCO to get a lot of that flooring we saw for $1.43 a square foot; but they were sold out of it. So we got a butt-ton of flooring at Home Depot. $1100 worth! Thirty-six boxes! Had the guy load the pallet of 30 boxes in the back of my truck and you should have seen the back tires flatten out! And the front tires raise up. Cool! We loaded the last 6 boxes of flooring in SWMBO’s KIA. I’m not sure if my truck would have handled them. Took the back roads all the way back to our place cause (just in case) I didn’t want to have a blow out (flat tire) on the freeway. Made it home okay though and got it all unloaded into the ’other’ dining room. (I’m still not sure what to call that room cause I’m not sure what SWMBO is going to do with it. It is a "formal" dining room but we won’t be using it as such.)

Sunday I went to the first hour of church as SWMBO gave a talk. Came home and did some stuff around the house until she got home. Cooked dinner for her then went out to the property for awhile to just bask in the sun. Cooked dinner a bit early cause I didn’t want to have to rush back and get it done before she had to leave for her choir practice about 1830.

Of course, the big news is Michael Jackson died at age 50. Since he never really directly impacted my life I have ambivalent feelings about it. He did make some good music. He did fuck up severely in his personal (and physical) life. Can’t really say I’ll miss him. Nor the hype!

And Farrah Fawcett died also. Man, she was every young guys fantasy for the guys of my generation. Better even than Lana Turner was for my Dad’s. She was still pretty good looking for a 62 year old. Can’t say her "acting" ever floated my boat though. And way too big a deal was made of her flashing her boobs in "Saturn 3", but she was pretty. Ah well. I think my Ex- once harangued me for just looking at Farrah…

Just not much else going on around here. Well, that’s true and not-true at the same time. SWMBO has torn up all the flooring in her room getting ready to put down the new stuff when she’s through painting. I continue to do things around the house to make it ours or just to get things done. I cook. I clean. I do dishes (nice having the dishwasher though!). I rip and convert our movies and our tv show dvd’s. I bought a cassette tape deck and am converting my old family/personal tapes to digital format. Still putting my "Man Cave" together in the basement. Still trying to get my computer working right and not randomly rebooting.

So it’s not like I sit around a lot or anything…

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