Beginning of the End, Deadly Mantis, Giant Gila Monster, Tarantula, Rodan, When Worlds Collide. The King Evening Is Planned.

“When Worlds Collide” is still one of my favorite movies. Today, though, as an adult, it doesn’t make much sense for the “scientists” to expend much effort on supplying some folks with (food? medicine?) after the damage caused by the passing of Zira. AND, instead of rescuing one “child,” the whole compliment of passengers should have been kids; with maybe two “young adults” to keep an eye on them on the new world. They could have stuffed 80-100 kids in the same area they had only 40 adults in; and a much better chance of actually saving some humans from extinction.

But, that’s just my “adult” kicking in. I wouldn’t have gone anyway. Aside from being too old (now) I didn’t see any mention of them taking along shrimps. And there is no reason to survive on a world without shrimps. Change my mind.

SWMBO’s cat likes to get up on the counter in my bathroom and steal my teethbrush. I quite often find it in the living room. Not even going to ask what that stupid cat does with it but I do rinse it off very well before using it again. (Good thing I don’t have to actually stick it in my mouth to brush my teeth!) I’ve started hiding my teethbrush. From a Cat. This, is what I’ve worked my entire life to achieve.

I’d have to agree with this: Feeling Depressed? Scientists Have Found That Performing Acts of Kindness May Help As a diagnosed depressive compulsive disorder person I know I can over come bouts of depression by positive “self-talk” and doing something nice for someone. (Usually SWMBO cause she knows what’s going on.) It gets me more involved in what I’m doing than the way I’m feeling. As a side note: if “they” had asked me at the beginning of their study I could have (probably) saved the tax payers of this Nation a bunch of bucks. Just saying. Y’all need to check with me before starting these expensive studies.

Balmy 28 degrees on our walk this morning. I hate being cold. I am SO ready for summer. All 3-5 weeks of it around here. Today it’s just cold. Starting tomorrow it’ll be cold and WET for a few days. Supposed to get windy too. Time to check my antennas.

Looks like I’m gonna die: Deadly Consequences: New Research Reveals Dangers of Drinking Too Much Coffee With Severe High Blood Pressure. Although I don’t quite have hyper hypertension. Plus I only (usually) have 2 cups a day. Usually. Heard it’s good for the prostrate. At 70 I have a lot of folks interested in my prostrate. Anyone else notice that the older your Doctor gets, the bonier his finger gets? Like passing a series of marbles during “that” exam. Not that I’ve ever passed a series of marbles; but that’s what I imagine if feels like. Not that I sit around imagining what passing marbles feels like. How’d I get here? Nevermind. Forget I said that.

I didn’t know coffee could get high blood pressure.

From Fox News on Liberal attempts to ban gas stoves: “… move forward with a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPR) to ban gas stoves.” BECAUSE, when you can’t pass a stupid LAW you pass a stupid RULE or REGULATION. I usually do not agree with Federal rules/regulations, especially those made by the un-elected that think they know what’s best for the rest of us. If it’s that important, put it up for a vote then pass a law. Rules and regs are too easily changed; for the worse usually.

Damn. It’s Thursday. Better make that dump run or I’ll be doing it on Saturday in the rain.

We’ve been paying Centurylink for 3mbps DSL internet for years. Lately our speeds have sucked. Big time. Just checked and we’re getting 0.4 mbps download and 0.3 mbps upload. But, their own tests says something different:

So, gonna sign up for Starlink tonight.

Hope that works out.

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