Another Fabulous Wednesday

I’m so boring a Government Agency uninstalled the Pegasus spyware they’d installed on my phone. Kept putting their Agents to sleep. But the NSA/CIA/FBI still cover me since I’m a “Free-Range Conservative” and otherwise there’s no telling what I’d get up to. Hell, I’m just Rebel enough to take a walk outside without my mask. OMG he’s trying to kill us all!

China reports first human case of Monkey B virus. Anyone else hear another lock-down “to flatten the curve” coming our way? Next year we’ll get the dreaded COVID-MONKEY B Delta virus and Fauci will require us all to wear 3 facemasks and a jock-strap “just in case.” (Wearing a bra over your head would do just as much good.) Big Pharma must already have a high-priced vaccine in the works or we’d have never heard of it.

And now we have an acid-shooting “spider-scorpion” to worry about. Hey, Texas! You could have come up with almost anything else and it would have been okay with us. (I know the Vinegaroon isn’t really dangerous; to us. The Headline makes it sound otherwise though. Which is why you should take Headlines with a grain of salt. Don’t get me started.)

LIke: Ohio mother allegedly shot son, 5, while intoxicated. Really? What the hell’s a 5 year old doing drinking in the first place? Poor kid. Bullet went through both knees AND he has his Mother as a parent. Now he needs a drink.

Texas Dems expose leaders to COVID. Leaders? They met with Leaders? I thought they’d just met with other Democrats. Not a leader one in that group. I’ve known greater integrity from Trailer Trash than any Democrat I’ve ever met. Leaders? Supposed to be Employees.

Soccer players kneel to start new era of Olympic activism. Then got their asses handed to them. Karma. Pronounced “Fuck You!”

Boredom’s link to mental illnesses, brain injuries and dysfunctional behaviors. Don’t get me started. Try dealing with Boredom AND Depression. Without meds. Feel a need for a “Tremors” marathon suddenly.

Can science cure death? It sure looks like it. Not in my lifetime. That and definitive proof of extra-planet aliens.

Greene: Reporter’s question about vaccination status ‘a violation of my HIPAA rights.’ : But it perfectly okay to give that same information to someone so they can come knock on your door to let the UN-vaccinated know they’ve shit for brains.

Ancient 14,000-year-old Viruses identified in melting Tibetan Glaciers. Easier to find than Illegal Aliens in the States. You know someone is out there thinking “Hey, let’s introduce these to the COVID and see what happens!”

Video shows how long it would take a ball to drop on different planets. As long as they drop …

Dropped my truck off at Haselwood to (FINALLY!) get the radio/info center replaced. Only took two years of complaining. They’re going to keep it overnight and finally apply the windshield treatment thingie I paid for that hasn’t been done. Some kind of diamond coating treatment thing to make the windshield harder to bend, fold, or mutilate.

SWMBO picked me up and gave me a ride home. Her driving kinda scares me. Sorry.

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