We Have Had More Fookin’ Rain Around Here…

Than I care to experience. It’s WET out there! Has been this past week or more. Heavy winds and Heavy rain occasionally. Had to get out on my digger and make channels for the water to go around the house instead of through it! A tree was blown over and blocked the road so the next day I rode my digger down there and moved it off to the side so we could all get in and out. I hate rain! We’ve already had so much that I’d prefer to see it snow. And the weatherpersons are saying don’t be surprised to wake up to some snow on the ground in the lowlands the next few days. Cascade mountains (fairly close) are supposed to get around 36" of snow over the next couple of days. More storms coming in! We already have flooding all over the place!

Good thing I have a woodshop (sort of) set up in the basement. Been working on more bookshelves. Just found 2 more boxes of hardback books too. Spent part of today making a cue holder for the cue sticks that came with the Pool Table we got last weekend. I don’t do too bad working with wood as long as I take my time.

Really enjoying the new Pool Table! Maybe one of these days SWMBO will get over her shyness and play me a game or two.

Not much else going on. Still going over to my friends house on Saturday and downloading my favorite tv shows to watch later. Smallville is coming along nicely. NCIS is killer! The new "V" hasn’t really caught me yet. Oh well.

Oh, they caught the guy that killed that cop a few days ago. Now the news spends the first 5 minutes reporting how he’s doing in the hospital and the likelihood of him getting the death penalty et al ad nausium. It even seems to be more important than the flooding that’s going on around here.

Speaking of flooding; SWMBO and I tried to go to Applebee’s for the free dinner they were serving any active duty or retired military for Veteran’s Day. We got to the Applebee’s in Silverdale around 1145 and the line of people waiting for seating went half way around the building! (You could say they had a FLOOD of folks for free eats!) We decided to skip the wait and ate Mall Food instead. This one place makes a nice Bourbon Chicken…

Dang! My internet connection if really slow tonight! Trying to read the news…

Judge: Corps’ negligence caused Katrina flooding: And here I was thinking Hurricane Katrina caused the flooding. But ain’t it just like some folks to sue the government (and win!) because they weren’t "protected" from flooding after They decided to build below sea level in an area that’s prone to flooding from hurricanes? Hmmm. Wonder if I can sue the state of Washington for having too much rain cause I can’t go outside and do things without getting wet?

President Barack Obama suggested on Wednesday the self-professed mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks would be convicted and put to death, but later said he was not trying to prejudge the trial.: Really? They why’d he say anything? (Guy’s a deader now.)

Construction of new homes in the United States hit a six month low in October, providing more evidence of the economy’s sluggish recovery: Duh! You can’t build a new (energy efficient) house because no bank will loan you the money for it. No wonder new construction has hit a new low. (I know this from personal experience.)

More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted, much of it on questionable claims for tax credits and Medicare benefits: As opposed to the 700+ Billion we (our government) gave to the banks and auto industries and other folks that aren’t helping us like they were supposed to.

Calif. requires TVs to be more energy-efficient: Wouldn’t they do better by requiring all those couch potato’s be more energetic instead? Get them outdoors at the beach or someplace.

Hundreds cheer Palin in Mich. for book tour: Mostly Alaskan residents…

Janet Jackson: Michael in denial over drug problem: Still? You’d think he’d be over that by now.

A London-based translation firm is offering parents-to-be the chance to check the meaning of prospective baby names in other languages to avoid inadvertently causing their offspring future embarrassment.: So, pukeface is out?

Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organization, has a theory about why governments and people are so reluctant to talk about hygiene: it isn’t cool.: He obviously hasn’t set his ass down on MY toilet seat! That sucker’s Cold!

Lost man drives nine hours to get newspaper: We just WON’T ask for directions, will we?

I’m outta here!

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