What A Physically Busy Day!

And I liked it! Nice out so I spent as much time outside as I could. Transplanting in the garden, watering, moving antenna wires around, cleaning the property up, even a bit of mowing. Got fairly warm out there!

SWMBO took me to DQ for dinner cause I worked so late I didn’t have time to get any sort of dinner done before it was time to eat. We stopped at the Library and Ace Hardware while we were out.

One Million Years BC

I got a couple of “quick connects” for my wires to the radio so I can install the wire in the truck and not have to take it out when I move the radio back into the house. What a pain that would be!

Of course, we may not make our trip to Ohio if SWMBO get’s a job between now and when we were going to leave. I have mixed feelings about that. One the one hand I’m looking forward to traveling across this country and stopping to see some of the sites on the way. One the other hand it’s 2300+ miles ONE WAY we were going to do in my truck. So, yes, I have mixed feelings about making or not making the trip.

Sophia Loren checks out Jayne Mansfield. I would too!

Sort of watching “Radar Men From The Moon” with Commando Cody. Have rocket suit, will travel. I suppose it was fairly state of the art back then. Funny, they need helmets on the “moon” to breathe but their pants legs are flapping in the breeze.

Not much else going on. One of the guys in the Ham Club has a vertical antenna for me if I can get out to his house to pick it up. I *think* I was supposed to pick it up yesterday but can’t remember. Either way our Son has my truck and I’m sure it won’t fit in the KIA so it’ll have to wait until Monday anyway. Ah well.

Bridget Bardot

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