Damn Windows 7 Anyway!

Rebooted my computer this morning, just because I occasionally reboot it, and it wouldn’t come back up. Damn! Tried System Repair several times. Tried System Restore several times. Even took the other drives out of the computer and left just the boot drive; to no avail. Tried all my “Techie Tricks” to no avail. Aaarrrggghhh!


So, it appears it was time for the bi-annular (every other year) reinstallation of Windows 7; maybe a couple of months early. Have quite a lot of the things I usually use reinstalled but still have a LONG WAYS to go. Reinstalling MSFX is really going to be a pain in the ass. (I’ve had to do it so many times that it won’t register; I have to call Microsoft and tell them why I’m reinstalling. Suxs!)


But I’d have to admit that it’s about time to reinstall Windows 7 anyway. I just wanted to do it when I wanted to do it! Also gotta admit that it’s working better and faster. So far. Thank goodness for the S-10 password vault!

Had about 8 minutes of snow, then a couple of minutes of mixed, then just rain for a bit today. Still really cold outside.


Made steak, mashed taters, and veggies for dinner. Meat was tough even though I marinated it for several hours prior to sticking it under the burner thingie.

And that’s it. MCARC 10-meter Chat Net @ 1930 tonight.

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